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A Robot is a machine that can perform tasks, or work, autonomously but not necessarily on its own. A robot is a machine servitor.

  • The degree of independence or autonomous operation helps to determine the level of sophistication of the robot.
  • Theoretically robots could one day become self aware and achieve full sophontdom. That is not yet the norm or expectation within Charted Space.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Robots range from automated arms that weld plates onto spaceships, to androids practically indistinguishable from real people and in many ways superior to them.

  • A robot can be a tool (industrial servitors), a weapon (warbots), an enemy (warbots), a friend (domestic servitors) or sometimes even a lover (sexbots). And sometimes many or all of these roles.
  • It can be the product of mass production, the unique creation of a lifetime of labour or even a potentially self-begotten being, struggling for equal rights in a universe that sees it as a machine and not as a potential lifeform.
  • Robots are often designated by their primary intended function: domestics, industrials, scientifics (often explorers), and warbots. Other designations also exist.

Word Etymology[edit]

The term is derived from the venerated Slavic languages of old Terra and the root was rabot or rabota meaning "work" or "labor" making robots "performers or servitors of work or labor."

Image Repository[edit]

  1. Humanoid robots
  2. Commercial robots

Strategy & Tactics (Doctrine)[edit]

No information yet available.

Supraclass Roles[edit]

Robots typically serve the following roles:

  1. Android
  2. Automaton
  3. Biot
  4. Bot
  5. Carer Droid
  6. Combot
  7. Cyborg
  8. Droid
  9. Engineering Droid
  10. Personal Droid
  11. Repair Droid
  12. Robot
  13. Ship Brain
  14. Ship Mind
  15. Von Neumann Machine
  16. Warbot

Examples of Robot[edit]

29 Robot items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
232-BHR-7 class Toolbot Industrial Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 12 947kg Cr1,839,130
4-C/D class Automated Interdiction Satellite
63MEK49 class Ship Service Bot Industrial Vehicle Flight (Grav) 15 1086kg Cr2,103,749
AD-21 class Urban Combat Robot Combat Vehicle Flight (Grav) 15 7.84677 tons unloaded, 8.49501 tons full load 4,182,604
AD-26 Argus Combat Vehicle Ground (Legged) 15 26.49385 tons empty, 28.04297 tons loaded 4,284,632
AJ-63 Service Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 12 314kg Cr192,046
AN-427 class Security Robot Security Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 12 1685 kg Cr1,810,523
Auto-angel Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1500-1750mm tall Cr1,000,000
Cannisia class Giant Combat Robot Armored Fighting Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 9 dtons 1.3064475 MCr.
Carer Droid Service Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 11 3m3 Cr50,000
D9 class Mechanic Robot Industrial Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 12 458kg Cr1,799,563
Dover-Gabe class Courier Robot
EGOR Service Vehicle Flight (Grav) 15 410 kg MCr0.93
Engineering Droid Industrial Vehicle Ground (Legged) 11 1,250-1,750mm tall Cr350,000
Extra Eye Microdrone Survey Vehicle Flight (Grav) 15 1.62kg cr19,835
GP(R)-19 class Transport Robot Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 9 7.65m3 (0.57 dTons) Cr50,000
H-9 class Heavy Combat Robot Armored Fighting Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 15 3,945kg Cr2,641,573
Infodrone class Expert Robot Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1 L 20 KCr
MI-014 class Mining Robot Industrial Vehicle TBD TBD TBD TBD
Marius class Labor Bot Service Vehicle TBD TBD TBD TBD
Mark V class Death Machine Main Battle Tank Flight (Grav) 15 11.6 dton 23,081,103
PR-317 class Police Robot Security Vehicle Flight (Grav) 12 1000kg Cr1,861,445
Personal Droid
Rapid Deployment Aeroshell Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) 14 Over 40dTons Classified
Scylla Drainage Control Robot Industrial Vehicle Ground (Legged) 15 97.62 tons Mcr6.99
Shadan class Survey Robot Survey Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 12 1390kg kCr410
Sylean Type 1 class Security Robot Security Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 10 50.0 liters Cr 20,000
Vulcan class Factory Robot Industrial Vehicle Ground (Legged) 12 0.63245 tons unloaded, 0.79845 tons loaded 526,808

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Robots are an important part of life in Charted Space. But they have not yet achieved true artificial intelligence. Some call the pre-AI intelligence used at cutting edge TL-15 "brilliant" or "lethetic." Modern positronic brains, the cornerstone of advanced technology robots, can not yet empower robots to independently make decisions although comprehensive, well thought out programming can give the illusion of independent decision.

Robotics Basics[edit]

Robotics Basics
Topic Remarks
Autonomous Operation Robot Autonomy: The earliest robots were mechanical marvels and often clockwork contraptions of marvelous complexity, but they possessed very close to zero autonomous capability: they often performed a single task, or a handful of tasks repetitively. With the advent of early electronics, the autonomous capabilities of robots rose. And their housings or bodies became enormously more capable with hydraulics, servos, and more sophisticated micromotors. The positronic brain was another giant leap forward and vastly expanded autonomous operation.

However capable and autonomous current cutting edge robots may be, they do not yet posses true artificial intelligence. A robot not able to eventually consult with a sophont mind will eventually follow programming leading to fatal mistakes causing its own destruction. Some call this phenomenon "robotic suicide" or "robot endgame." Robots cannot currently feel, dream, independently think, or function autonomously in jumpspace as a sophont mind can.

Artificial Intelligence No information yet available.
Jumpspace & Robotica No known combination of advanced robotic and FTL technology can yet survive repeated autonomous operation in jumpspace. Experiments have repeatedly yielded unsatisfactory results. Jump drones launch into jumpspace just fine. Advanced electronics, computers, and organized pseudobiological brains function well shipboard on crewed starships, but.... Uncrewed starships or jump drones inconsistently emerge from jumpspace. Some have theorized that jumpspace drives brains and minds insane.
Self-Aware Robota The future of Robota is with highly intelligent, self-aware machines possessing true artificial intelligence. Robots can already vastly outcalculate humans and other baseline sophonts. When was the last time a sophont outperformed a hypercomputer in the interstellar chess championships?

Significant fears of this next step exist. Many fear that self-aware machines will bring about the end of days and Singularity before its time. Some call this the robot revolution.

Robots & Gender Robots, not being organically biological sophonts, do not possess gender in any conventional sense of the term. However many sophonts still insist upon assigning genderless robots an arbitrary gender nevertheless.
Uncanny Valley No information yet available.

Continuum of Robotic Sophistication[edit]

  1. Calculating Machines (automata and early robots, computers,and supercomputers)
  2. Thinking Machines (bright machines aka hypercomputers, bright nanocytes, etc.)
  3. Feeling Machines (true artificial intelligence aka brilliant machines)
  4. Transcendent Machines (early avatars)
  5. Ascendant Machines (advanced avatars)

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Robots can be found throughout Charted Space.

Sometimes derelicts or strange starships emerge from Uncharted Space... some of them are equipped with bizarre robots with strange computers and thoroughly unfamiliar architectures.

Selected Robot Manufacturers Across Charted Space[edit]

This is a selected list of robot manufacturers across Charted Space:

Selected Robot Manufacturers Across Charted Space
Corporation Exemplar Robots Location/s Remarks
Blue Dominion TBD class Robot Imperial Space TBD
Chiadle TBD class Robot Zhodani Space TBD
Diversified Dynamics Design & Shipyards (DDD&S) MI-014 class Mining Robot Imperial Space TBD
Dover-Gabe Dover-Gabe class Courier Robot Imperial Space TBD
Eksaekfoer TBD class Robot Vargr Extents TBD
Genem Total-Integration Process Independent Space TBD
Ibr Ajklia Driachobl (IAD) TBD class Robot Zhodani Space TBD
ICAM Technology AN-427 class Security Robot Imperial Space TBD
K!lkoog'x TBD class Robot K'kree Space TBD
Ling-Standard Products (LSP) PR-317 class Police Robot Charted Space TBD
Makhidkarun TBD class Robot Charted Space TBD
Naasirka Shadan class Survey Robot Charted Space TBD
Matsunaga Industries AD-21 class Urban Combat Robot Imperial Space TBD
Panstellar TBD class Robot Solomani Sphere TBD
Rossum’s Universal Robots Marius class Labor Bot Imperial Space TBD
Shinku University Research Directorate (SURD) AB-101 class Pseudobiological Robot Imperial Space TBD
Six Eyes Nest TBD class Robot Hiver Space TBD
Spinward Specialties TBD class Robot Imperial Space TBD
Star Patterns Trading TBD class Robot Hiver Space TBD
Star Servants 63MEK49 class Ship Service Bot Hiver Space TBD
Tlektaowa TBD class Robot Aslan Space TBD
Tliazhashal TBD class Robot Zhodani Space TBD
Tukera Lines 232-BHR-7 class Toolbot Imperial Space TBD
Ungzoenogzkha TBD class Robot Vargr Extents TBD
Walker Robotics TBD class Robot Vargr Extents TBD

Robot Worlds: 1105[edit]

These are a few of the systems and worlds which are particularly noted for their robots:

17 of 17 World articles in Robot
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