Uncharted Space

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Uncharted Space is a sort of border, rim, or fringe to Charted Space, where the major races are still known but well out of easy control of the powers that may be.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Beyond the borders of Charted Space can be found Uncharted Space, the frontier, an area of Wildspace.


Do other sophont species live beyond the borders of Charted Space?

  • Certainly although life there is often very different than within Charted Space. For one thing, it is often far less densely concentrated.

Have the sophont species of Charted Space ventured into these territories?

  • In many cases, yes. Some were refugees or outbound explorers that never reestablished contact. Others were explorers, pirates, or trade speculators. Sometimes they were all of the above. And in many cases, no lifeform from Charted Space, sophontic or not, has ever been there.

How much of the Milky Way Galaxy is both charted and uncharted?

  • Charted Space accounts for not even one percent of the Milky Way Galaxy. Even if one could suddenly get all of the races to cooperate and share star charts, it is doubtful that these astrographic maps could account for even a hundred, perhaps two hundred thousand stars out of some one to four hundred billion stars in the Galaxias.
  • Uncharted Space is vast. Greater than 99% of it is entirely unknown by the races of Charted Space. Or so we think... Some think the Droyne know more. The Ancients almost certainly did. And each of the Major Races is certainly harboring secrets from the others...

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The exact location of Uncharted Space is constantly changing. And what each race considers unchartered is also subjective. The races trade some astrographic star charts through haggling, Starport Authority regulation, and by other means, but no power yet trades all of its knowledge openly.

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