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An Interdiction is a formal prohibition issued by the Imperium (or other polity with control over the area) barring starfarers from contact with a specific area, world, or system.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Interdictions must be approved by a member of the Imperial family, but generally such approval is given in response to a request from an interested service, nearly always the Scouts or the Navy. Interdiction may be imposed for any number of reasons, including to shield a military base or other sensitive installation, to ensure the seclusion of private reservations belonging to powerful families, to protect developing societies from interference, or to reserve valuable resource areas being saved for later development or exploitation. Enforcement of interdicts varies with the reason for the restriction as does the penalties for infractions.

Vulnerable Society Shielding[edit]

It is generally held that the Scouts mostly recommend interdiction to shield young or sensitive cultures from the interference that interstellar trade and commerce will bring.

Bureaucratic Punishment[edit]

The Navy is held to be more vindictive in its recommendations, using interdiction to punish local governments.

  • The interdiction of Knorbes in 910 is an example of this type of interdiction.

Dangerous Cultures[edit]

Interdicted worlds usually have no starports at all. However, in some instances the interdict only applies to outsiders, local inhabitants being free to come and go as they please. In such cases there may be a starport serving the needs of the locals.

  • Andor and Candory are examples of this kind of interdiction.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Imperium’s practice of interdiction of worlds for diverse reasons has long been a source of contention between liberal and conservative factions in the government.

Travellering Society Travel Warnings[edit]

The Travellers' Aid Society invariably awards interdicted worlds Red Zone travel ratings.

Non-Imperial Interdictions[edit]

There are few other polities able to interdict worlds, but when it happens, their policies tend to be similar. For instance, the Zhodani Consulate actively interdicts some of their Forbidden Worlds, for reasons any Imperial naval planner would recognize.

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