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A Pocket Universe is a sequestered section of spacetime cut off from the local universe. They are also called pocket dimensions or alternate dimensions, universes, branes.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Pocket Universes are often believed to be much smaller than a conventional or mature universe. While very little hard data or reproducible data is available, theorists have widely asserted that this type of cosmology exists.

An Alternate Dimension is conjectured to be a territory of sequestered spacetime located outside of the local universe. Alternate Dimensions cannot be reached using conventional technologies. And the very phenomenon is not yet verifiable or well understood. Some believe an alternate dimension to be widely equivalent to a pocket universe while others feel that if the astrophysical constraints differ then an alternate dimension cannot be a pocket pinched off of the baseline universe.

Whatever one may or may not be, the phenomenon mostly exists as theoretical science.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Pocket Universes are a poorly understood phenomenon and beyond mastery of TL–15 sciences, which is to say that TL-15 science cannot create, manipulate, or influence these astrographic phenomenona.

It is believed that the Ancients possessed mastery over the technology of creating alternate dimensions and pocket universes.

Pocket Universe Origins[edit]

From whence do pocket universes come? No known scientist within Charted Space seems to definitively know.

Some theorize that a pocket universe may be part of a natural phenomenon, perhaps an infant or baby universe... Perhaps universes follow a pattern of development comparable to sophont-level lifeforms?

Or perhaps all pocket universes are artificial in nature? Many theorists believe that a number of precursor sophont species were capable of creating pocket universes including the vaunted Ancients.

Whatever the truth may be, pocket universes are a hot topic of study within Charted Space. Where even the slightest evidence of a pocket universe appears, scientists, adventurers, and travellers will flock.

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