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Tukera's long-standing logo.

Tukera Lines is a major interstellar transport company with service to virtually every important world in the Third Imperium. The keyword is “important:” Tukera ignores the backwater worlds and their low profit routes.

Market Ticker Code[edit]

This business entity is traded under the following interstellar market code/s:

Market Ticker Code
Name Code Type Charter Remarks
Tukera Lines Tuke-Mega-Corp 4 to 12 alphanumeric character LIC Major megacorporation dominating multisector transport lines, shipyard manufacturing, and industrial concerns.

Description (Portfolio)[edit]

Tukera Lines is one of the thirteen Imperial MegaCorporations in operation in 1105. Tukera Lines operates a vast fleet of passenger and freight vessels throughout the Imperium, following the X-Boat lines. In many subsectors (...particularly the older, more established regions of the Imperium) Tukera Lines has a virtual monopoly on long-distance shipping and travel.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

Governance & Organization[edit]

Tukera's head is Count Blaine Trulla Tukera and his two brothers. Duchess Margaret who is married to Count Tukera, is also close to the Imperial Throne.

  • Tukera's intelligence services, the Vemene, are feared for their ruthlessness by both citizens and the corporation's employees.


Stock ownership (1105):

Tukera family — 29%
Imperial family — 3%
Sternmetal Horizons— 2%
SuSAG— 5%
General Products— 2%
Private ownership— 31%
Investment trusts— 28%

Stock ownership (1126)[1]:

Tukera family — 29%
Imperial family — 3%
Sternmetal Horizons— 2%
SuSAG— 5%
General Products— 2%
Private ownership— 31%
Investment trusts— 28%


Tukera has a habit of setting up subsector-sized subsidiaries to provide feeder service.

Some of those companies include:

  1. Alpac
  2. Akagi Transport
  3. Akerut
  4. Arean Transport
  5. Ekatur
  6. Fornice Packet
  7. Ingram Services
  8. Keratu
  9. Murdstone Yards
  10. Stellar Construction
  11. Thanber Consolidated Properties
  12. Tukera Wines
  13. Tukera CoreSpan
  14. Vemene

Selected Officers[edit]

Best Known Products & Services[edit]

This business is best known for:

  1. 232-BHR-7 class Toolbot

Civilian Ships:

  1. Borazio class Heavy Freighter
  2. Hercules class Cargo Transport
  3. Margaret class Longliner
  4. Pride of Vland class Long Liner
  5. Prosperity class Medium Freighter
  6. Type AH class Heavy Merchant
  7. Type RT class Longliner

Military Ships:

  1. Lightning class Frontier Cruiser
  2. World class Battle Tender

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The oldest record of the firm is a charter from the government of the Sylean Federation, but family tradition holds the company to be several centuries older.

There is considerable rivalry with Imperiallines throughout the Imperium, and Oberlindes Lines within the Marches.

Trade Partners[edit]

Trade Competitors[edit]

History-Era: Rebellion[edit]

Rebellion: The Tukera family and its holdings support Duchess Margaret's bid for the Iridium Throne.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This business is best known for frequenting the markets of the following worlds and systems:
Charted Space:

Facilities Data[edit]

This business is known to host headquarters facilities in the following locations:

World Listing[edit]

This business can be found on the following worlds and systems:

26 of 26 World articles in Tukera Lines
Ansirk  •  Aramis (SM 3110)  •  Atadl  •  Atsah  •  Deneb  •  Dhian  •  Dunmag  •  Horosho  •  Jode  •  Junidy  •  Khinumi  •  Lamas  •  Lewis  •  Maitz  •  Mora  •  Nasemin  •  Natoko (SM 3209)  •  Noscius  •  Parthinia  •  Paya  •  Pretoria  •  Roup  •  Sherad  •  Thanber  •  Towers  •  Uramid  •  
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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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