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House Tukera founded the Tukera Lines megacorporation and remains one of the most powerful noble houses to be found in the Third Imperium.

  • Note: For the monent, I'm just trying to list all the members of this family in one place.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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House Geneology[edit]

Main branch: The honor title Count of Alekvadin, although technically not a hereditary title, has been bestowed on one Tukera after another for over 900 years.

  • Oswyn Maarera Tukera. Died in 1086. Married Arianne.
  • Arianne Rasaputram Tukera, nee Cameron. Dowager Countess of Alekvadin. Born in 1036.
  • ? Maarera Tukera. Youngest sister of Oswyn. Ancestress of the Sovolas family.
  • Ardythe Fratelli Tukera. Mentioned in several TNS newsbrief as Blaine's grandmother. This must be a mistake, since his paternal grandmother is Arianne and his maternal grandmother is a Trulla. Any way to explain it? (??Trulla by 1st Marriage;Tukera by 2nd Marriage??)
  • Harlan Cameron Tukera. Count of Alekvadin. 1st issue of Oswyn and Arianne. Head of the family until his death in 1092. Married Desiree.
  • Desiree Kimmon Trulla. Wife of Harlan.
  • Adorania Cameron Tukera. 2nd issue of Oswyn and Arianne. Born in 1057. Married a Haldane.
  • Brigantia Cameron Tukera. 3rd issue of Oswyn and Arianne. Born in 1060. Married an Aella.
  • Blaine Trulla Tukera. 1st issue of Harlan and Desiree. Born 1079. Married Duchess Margaret Alkhalikoi of Delphi in 1110.
  • Oswyn Trulla Tukera. 2nd issue of Harlan and Desiree. Born 1081.
  • Piotr Trulla Tukera. 3rd issue of Harlan and Desiree. Born 1084.
  • Hypatia Haldane Tukera. Daughter of Adorania. Born 1082. Married Duke Ian Ashran of Cemplas.
  • Vanessa Haldane-Tukera Ashran. 1st issue of Ian and Hypatia. Born 1105.
  • Branford Haldane-Tukera Ashran. 2nd issue of Ian and Hypatia. Born 1112.
  • Marc Aella Tukera, son of Brigantia. Born 1082.
  • Nephew of Margaret/Blaine: Tancred von Harrer[1].
    • Son of Piotr?
    • can't be an Alkhalikoi as Margaret is an only child.

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In 1120, Blaine and Margaret has a daughter, Julia Iphegenia Cassir Alkhalikoi-Tukera.

In 1123, Blaine and Margaret has a daughter, Ardythe Margaret Alkhalikoi Tukera.

Collateral branches[edit]

The Tukeras of Lewis[edit]

  • ? ? Tukera. 1st Baron of Lewis. A Tukera cousin who bought the empty world Lewis and got himself a barony.
  • ? ? Tukera. The baron around 950. Sold off substantial parts of Lewis to clear debts.
  • James ? Tukera. Baron around 1050. Began systematic campaign to recover the lands his ancestor had sold off.
  • Arianne ? Tukera. Baroness of Lewis. Eldest daughter of James. Married Leonard.
  • Leonard Fratelli Bolden-Tukera. 19th Marquis of Aramis.

The Sovolas family[edit]

See separate entry.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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House Foundation[edit]

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House Members of Distinction[edit]

At the age of 21 Marc Aella Tukera disappeared whilst serving as a crew member of the Tukera Frontier Transport vessel Oswyn IV. Tukera became involved in a classified Section 12 operation in the Shionthy system. Tukera is a covert operative working for Section 12 under an assumed identity.

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