GP(R)-19 class Transport Robot

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GP(R)-19 class Transport Robot
GP(R)-19 loaded with 2.5 dTon Reinforced Cargo Container
Tech Level TL–9
Mass 7.65m3 (0.57 dTons)
Cost Cr50,000
Mode Ground (Wheeled)
Type Cargo Vehicle
Speed 65/20
Cargo 5 dTons
Crew 0
Passengers 0
Armament none


These wheeled robot cargo carriers are fully automated cargo carriers with a 3m x 3m load bed that are often seen moving about lower Technology Level Spaceports. They have integral radio communicators that allow the central cargo management systems to track them and their loads and the units to cooperate in their transport operations. Pairs may operate to move 10 dTon containers (one under each end of the container).

The system includes optical systems that allow the units to observe their surroundings and avoid unexpected obstacles (usually animals including various Sophonts). Various lights allow the units to both see and be seen.

These vehicles may not load or unload themselves.

The 6-wheeled configuration allows the unit to turn on the spot. When operating in pairs for heavier loads, they can position themselves within 1mm of a given line and at separations good for either standard 5 dTon or 10 dTon cargo lots. Other configurations are possible for special cargos, but these need to be configured on a case by case basis. Huge sets of these units have been configured to move grounded, powerless Starships or even buildings.

The battery power-packs require 1 hour to recharge but will then run for 30 hours before requiring a recharge. Typically, they will be recharged daily. They are capable of locating and connecting to the required power sources, and include a 3m long extensible cable on a folding arm to perform this task.


These units are the 19th on a long line of General Products cargo transport robots that have been built since the mid 620s. The current version is backward compatible with the software management systems of all 18 of the previous versions.

The main different between the current version and version 18 is an upgrade to the optical system to allow it to see further into the IR spectrum than earlier models, and removal of the fixed towing eye for an attachment point to which an eye can be added if the unit needs to be towed.

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