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It is a kind of Commercial Vehicle

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This Commercial Vehicle is a cargo delivery Vehicle, most often a Civilian Vehicle.

Examples of Cargo Vehicles[edit]

25 Cargo Vehicle items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
Cuttermate Dirigible Cargo Vehicle Flight (Dirigible) 9 128 tons Cr238,400
Fringian Batha Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 4 Tons Cr11,200
Fringian Box Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 2 1.8 Tons Cr7,800
Fringian Box Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 7.4 Tons Cr195,000
Fringian Box Truck Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 4.2 Tons Cr106,000
Fringian Dray Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 2 1.8 Tons Cr7,300
Fringian Flatbed Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 3.7 Tons Cr125,000
Fringian G-Hauler Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) 10 33 Tons Cr4,185,000
Fringian Heavy Box Trailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 8 31 Tons Cr385,000
Fringian Heavy Flatbed Trailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 8 12.3 Tons Cr175,000
Fringian Heavy G-Hauler Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) 11 73 Tons Cr7,310,000
Fringian Heavy Tanker Trailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 8 28 Tons Cr385,000
Fringian Light Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 1 Ton Cr4,100
Fringian Light Goods Van Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 5 3.1 Tons Cr42,000
Fringian Open Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 1.3 Tons Cr5,900
Fringian Standard Truck Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 5 3 Tons Cr85,000
Fringian Steam Truck Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 4 3.6 Tons Cr145,000
Fringian Tanker Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 9.2 Tons Cr115,000
GP(R)-19 class Transport Robot Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 9 7.65m3 (0.57 dTons) Cr50,000
Imperial Agribot Cargo Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 10 10 tons Cr209,000
Juro class Wheeled Utility Vehicle Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 5 1 dton 12,546.218
Rapid Deployment Aeroshell Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) 14 Over 40dTons Classified
S1 class Sopolian Tracked Cargo Carrier Cargo Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 6 3 dton Cr49,117.25
Scarab class Cargo Container Loader Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) TBD TBD TBD
Skyvan Cargo Vehicle Flight (Ion Thruster) 7 2 dTons 5,000

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Cargo Vehicles are often initially Wagons that are later Ground Vehicles and still later Gravcraft.

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