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Vehicles are technological devices intended to convey sophonts from one location to another.

  • A vehicle (...from Latin: vehiculum) is a machine or device that transports passengers or cargo.
  • In essence, they are tools constructed using other tools, of varying complexity and sophistication.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Image Repository[edit]

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Vehicle Types by Function (Environment)[edit]

Vehicle Types
# Craft Medium/s Names Remarks
1. Aircraft Atmosphere (air, gases, etc.) Airplane, helicopter, etc. TBD
  • Aircraft
    • HTA (Heavier Than Air)
    • LTA (Lighter Than Air)
2. Gravcraft Atmosphere (air, gases, etc.) Air/Raft, G-Carrier, etc. TBD
  • NOE
  • Low Altitude
  • High Altitude
  • G-Carrier
  • Lifters or Z-Drive
3. Groundcraft Surface (solids, on or below surface, etc.) ATV, wheels, tracks, walkers, etc. TBD
4. Interfacecraft Vacuum or Atmosphere G-Carrier, Shuttle, etc. TBD
5. Primitive Craft Surface (solids, liquids, on or below surface, etc.) Wagons, Dray Beasts, etc. Mostly TL:1-3 conveyances.
6. Spacecraft Interplanetary Ship (Vacuum) Spaceship or Non-starship Maneuver Drive
7. Starcraft Interstellar Ship (Vacuum) & Jumpspace Starship Jump Drive
8. Watercraft AKA Seacraft Water (liquids, on or below surface, etc.) Marine ship, Submarine, etc. TBD
9. Exoticraft TBD Any not mentioned in other classes. TBD

Vehicle Types by Macro-user[edit]

  1. Civilian Vehicle
  2. Paramilitary Vehicle
  3. Military Vehicle

Vehicle Types by Micro-user[edit]

  1. Personal Vehicle (Low Volume Transport)
  2. Consumer Vehicle (Medium Volume Transport)
  3. Mass Transit Vehicle (High Volume [Public] Transport)
  4. Industrial Vehicle (Very High Volume Transport)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Expected Technological Progression of Vehicles[edit]

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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