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The Speeder is a streamlined grav-powered craft intended for high speed transport between points on a world surface.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

At the tech level of introduction, it is capable of 1,000 kph cruise speed (maximum speed is 1200 kph), and has a virtually unlimited range. Refueling is required every ten weeks from a ship's power plant. The speeder carries a driver-pilot, a single passenger, and 100.0 kg of cargo. The speeder is capable of reaching orbit within an hour. More advanced craft are capable of higher speeds.

Generalized Speeder Missions[edit]



History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Speeders hold considerable performance advantages over earlier models of gravcraft, especially the air/raft, and represent a paradigm change in grav technology. The combination of conventional aircraft and gravcraft features makes for combination more capable than most conventional aircraft or gravcraft.

Early speeders were outperformed by hypersonic aircraft and scramjet equipped spaceplanes, but by the TL:13-15 technological epoch, advanced speeders outperform the majority of their conventional competitors.

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