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It is a kind of Vehicle

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This Vehicle is most often a Civilian Vehicle used for the purposes of general service provision.

n.b. Under Imperial Law Service Robots is a form of Service Vehicle/Commercial Vehicle.

Examples of Service Vehicles[edit]

10 Service Vehicle items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
AJ-63 Service Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 12 314kg Cr192,046
Auto-angel Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1500-1750mm tall Cr1,000,000
Carer Droid Service Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 11 3m3 Cr50,000
EGOR Service Vehicle Flight (Grav) 15 410 kg MCr0.93
Infodrone class Expert Robot Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1 L 20 KCr
M181L class Parathan Desert Mobile Field Kitchen Service Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 6 3 dton Cr33,065.1
Marius class Labor Bot Service Vehicle TBD TBD TBD TBD
S3 class Sopolian Tracked Field Kitchen Service Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 6 3 dton Cr50,217.25
S4 class Sopolian Tracked Workshop Service Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 6 3 dton Cr99,117.25
S5 class Sopolian Tracked Battalion Aid Station Service Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 6 3 dton Cr149,367.25

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Service Vehicles are often initially Wagons that are later Ground Vehicles and still later Gravcraft.

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