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A Vehicle or Robot created for undertaking commercial tasks

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Commercial Vehicles are used to transport Goods or provide the support for on-site service provision. Types of Commercial Vehicle

Examples of Commercial Vehicles[edit]

44 Commercial Vehicle items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
AJ-63 Service Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 12 314kg Cr192,046
Advanced Probe Drone Survey Vehicle Flight (Grav) 12 0.2 dTon Cr30,000
Auto-angel Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1500-1750mm tall Cr1,000,000
NHNE/Equipment/10 dTon Fuel Truck Commercial Vehicle Drive (Wheeled) 9 22 dtons Cr 1,274,075
NHNE/Equipment/Becker Adler Passenger Vehicle Flyer(Grav) 9 4 dtons Cr 246,781
NHNE/Equipment/Mobile Cargo Container Crane Commercial Vehicle Drive (Wheeled) 9 15 dtons Cr967,975
Carer Droid Service Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 11 3m3 Cr50,000
EGOR Service Vehicle Flight (Grav) 15 410 kg MCr0.93
Fringian Advanced Dirigible Commercial Vehicle Flight (Dirigible) 7 2700 Tons Cr3,700,000
Fringian Batha Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 4 Tons Cr11,200
Fringian Box Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 2 1.8 Tons Cr7,800
Fringian Box Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 7.4 Tons Cr195,000
Fringian Box Truck Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 4.2 Tons Cr106,000
Fringian Chaise Passenger Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 3 1.1 Tons Cr9,600
Fringian Dray Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 2 1.8 Tons Cr7,300
Fringian Flatbed Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 3.7 Tons Cr125,000
Fringian G-Hauler Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) 10 33 Tons Cr4,185,000
Fringian Heavy Box Trailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 8 31 Tons Cr385,000
Fringian Heavy Flatbed Trailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 8 12.3 Tons Cr175,000
Fringian Heavy G-Hauler Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) 11 73 Tons Cr7,310,000
Fringian Heavy Tanker Trailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 8 28 Tons Cr385,000
Fringian Heavy Tractor Unit Tractor Unit Ground (Wheeled) 8 9 Tons Cr815,000
Fringian Intercity Coach Bus Ground (Wheeled) 5 10.3 Tons Cr235,000
Fringian Large Dirigible Commercial Vehicle Flight (Dirigible) 5 7500 Tons Cr5,125,000
Fringian Light Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 1 Ton Cr4,100
Fringian Light Goods Van Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 5 3.1 Tons Cr42,000
Fringian Open Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 1.3 Tons Cr5,900
Fringian Passenger Bus Bus Ground (Wheeled) 5 7.8 Tons Cr175,000
Fringian Stagecoach Passenger Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 3 1.4 Tons Cr31,500
Fringian Standard Truck Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 5 3 Tons Cr85,000
Fringian Steam Truck Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 4 3.6 Tons Cr145,000
Fringian Tanker Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 9.2 Tons Cr115,000
Fringian Tractor Unit Tractor Unit Ground (Wheeled) 6 4.1 Tons Cr520,000
GP(R)-19 class Transport Robot Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 9 7.65m3 (0.57 dTons) Cr50,000
H-6 class Submersible Commercial Vehicle Water (Submersible) 5 28 dTons Cr 500,000
Imperial Agribot Cargo Vehicle Ground (Tracked) 10 10 tons Cr209,000
Infodrone class Expert Robot Service Vehicle Ground (Legged) 10 1 L 20 KCr
Kisha class Ambulance G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 10 11 tons (unloaded)
13 tons (loaded)
5 dTons
Cr 310,000
Marius class Labor Bot Service Vehicle TBD TBD TBD TBD
Probe Drone Survey Vehicle Flight (Grav) 11 0.2 dTon Cr15,000
Scarab class Cargo Container Loader Cargo Vehicle Flight (Grav) TBD TBD TBD
Shadan class Survey Robot Survey Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 12 1390kg kCr410
Skyvan Cargo Vehicle Flight (Ion Thruster) 7 2 dTons 5,000
Trekka class Grav Bus G-Carrier Flight (Grav) 13 5 tons (unloaded)
8.7 tons (loaded)
4 dTons
Cr 998,000

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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The line between Spaceplane and Spaceship is blurred.
If the design is described as a Vehicle then its a Spaceplane;
if it is described as a Ship its a Spaceship.

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