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As sophonts learn to move through their environment, they find some places more challenging to traverse. The Personal Mobility Gear are tools designed to overcome those challenges. Where a Vehicle is something into or onto which a person climbs to enhance mobility, as the size of that something gets smaller, the result is worn instead - this is Personal Mobility Gear.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Movement using particular gear may not be possible in an environment because that environment is, in some way, detrimental to life. These situations also require separate breathing apparatus, suits, or other Survival Gear.

Personal Mobility Gear falls broadly into three categories each with two sub-categories:

  • Aerospace
    • Atmosphere
    • Vacuum
  • Land
    • Surface
    • Subsurface
  • Water
    • Surface
    • Subsurface

For examples of the types of gear available see: Examples of Personal Mobility Gear.

Personal mobility[edit]


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