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Type Climbing gear
Tech Level TL–2
Cost Cr15
Size 4 liters
Weight 2 kg
Also see Rope

A grapnel, or a grappling hook, consists of three or more flukes attached to the end of a rope. Many examples have folding flukes for ease of transport. A grapnel is generally used for attempting climbs up sheer pitches. A grapnel may be secured in place to allow a descent.

Grapnels may be thrown into wreckage or debris to spread it out or drag items clear.

Maximum range to throw a grapnel is about 30 meters. Seven separate climbs would complete a 200-meter pitch (planting the grapnel on a ledge or projection, climbing to it, then repeating).

Grapnel climbing bypasses the procedure of sending up a lead climber; each climb is equivalent to a regular climb up the emplaced ropes.

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