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Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–4
Cost Cr20
Size 5 liters
Weight 3kg

Rope is a climbing tool used for a variety of purposes. It is a versatile tool that has no real replacement even at higher tech levels.

Rope is the single most important element of a climber’s equipment; it can be used to bind prisoners; it can add safety to water or ravine crossings. A variety of types and sizes are available. They are all similar in reliability and price within any given tech level.

Rope suitable for climbing comes in lengths of 50 meters and has a diameter of 10mm. It can typically support a weight of 900 kg.

At TL–1 to TL–5, rope is usually of constructed from organic fibers. At TL–6+, it is manufactured from some form of synthetic fiber. At TL–8+, rope can be made strong enough to climb, but too fine for hands to get a grip. Such rope has half the normal mass but requires special tools to climb or descend from. It may have special properties such as increased stretch, fire resistance, conductivity, or insulation, etc.

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