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Technology level 6 is the seventh of the Technology level classifications. The defining characteristic of a society reaching TL–6 is the use of nuclear fission as an energy source and weapon system. Combined with advances in rocketry this gives a society, for the first time, the ability to fundamentally alter their own world.

It also includes the development and adoption of digital electronic devices. The vacuum tube devices quickly give way to transistors and integrated circuits for digital computing systems, leading to huge advances in data collection, analysis, and the insights this may bring.

In terms of classification TL–6 is the Technological Period of Ur-Tech, the initial planetary bound cycle of development. It also occurs within the Technological Epoch know as the Division of Labor Epoch.

Theoretical Technologies[edit]

Physical Science
Theory of Electronics
Material Science / Manufacturing
Fiberglass - Consistent manufacturing of lightweight composite materials.
Plastics - Refined manufacture of raw materials.
Titanium - Manufacturing with rarer and more exotic metals.
Biological Science
Hybrid crops - Deliberate cross breeding to produce resistance to pests, drought, and increase yields
Cultural Science
Global nation states

Quality of Life Technologies[edit]

Nuclear Fission
Gas turbine engines
Photovoltaic cells
Electronic Computers
Television - Video transmission and recordings
High speed press - Increased availability of printed material and mass marketing.
Medicine / Life sciences
Reconstructive Surgery
Organ Transplants
Weather prediction and forecasting
Underground cities

Transportation Technologies[edit]

Land transportation
Amphibian Vehicles
Amphibian Vehicles
Long term submersibles
Early jet aircraft
Orbit capable rockets - Capable of reaching anywhere on a planet or manned missions to planetary moons.

Military Technologies[edit]

Weapon developments are mainly improvements in materials, with the addition of rudimentary electronics to large weapons, including gyrostablized fire control systems and very basic targeting computers.

Warfare continues along TL–5 lines, with new tactics involving deployment, use and defenses against atomic weapons among those cultures that develop them. Marginally effective body armor vs. high velocity fragments and small bullets becomes available, but is not in widespread use.

Propulsion technology allows for reaction engine missiles with intercontinental range and atomic warheads. It is conceivable that a starship without either point defense or nuclear dampers could be targeted by ground launched weapons at this tech level, but no instances of this have been recorded. Civilian and many personal weapon technology are more or less the same as TL–5 weapons. Personal night-vision devices of some effectiveness are available, but often a "secret" military technology.

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