Traveller 5: Starships

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T5 Starships.jpg
Core Book 2
Author Marc MillerRobert EaglestoneDon McKinney
Publisher Far Future Enterprises
Version Traveller 5th
Edition 5.10
Format Book (Hardback) / CD-ROM
Language English
Pages 298
Year Published 2019
Canonical Yes

The 5.10 edition of the Traveller 5th core rule set. Book 2 of 3.

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author Marc Miller, Robert Eaglestone, Don McKinney
Artists Rich Banner, Donna J. Barr, *Andrew Boulton, Rob Caswell, Steven Crompton, Liz Danforth, Jesse DeGraff, David Deitrick, Shawn Driscoll, *Bryan Gibson, William H. Keith Jr, Jennell Jaquays, Tim Osborne, Tom Peters, Ian Stead.

Table of Contents[edit]

Traveller 5th Edition:
T5 Core Rules
Section Page/s
Starships 46
How ship systems work 100
Starship Activities 198
Technology 230
Appendixes 274
Index 288

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