Alexandria class Free Trader

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Alexandria class Free Trader
Type: AF Free Trader
Category ACS
Size 200 Tons
Hull Configuration Wedge hull
Streamlining Streamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–12
Computer Model/1
Jump J-1
Maneuver 1 G
Hardpoints 2
Staterooms 10
Low Berths 20
Crew 4
    Officers 3
    Enlisted 1
High/Mid Passengers 6
Low Passengers 20
Cargo 82 Tons
Fuel tank 30 Tons
Origin Third Imperium
Cost MCr37.08
Quick Ship Profile AF-BS211
Universal Ship Profile AF-2111111-000000-00000-0
Blueprint Yes
Illustration Yes
Canon Published, non-canon design
Design System High Guard
Era 1105
Reference Adventure Class Ships Volume 2 8-9.

The Alexandria class Free Trader is a civilian commercial starship.


The 200-ton free trader is one of the most common vessels found along the interstellar trade lanes of the third Imperium. Vessels of this general type form the backbone of low-end merchant operations, visiting offbeat worlds and thus maintaining trade, communications, and the exchange of ideas and knowledge with a vast nurnkr of Imperial planets which might otherwise not be visited. Larger merchant lines would be completely unable to function on this scale.

The 200-ton free trader is not limited to strictly mercantile operations. Ships of this type can be encountered engaged in a variety of other tasks, from courier work to research to Scout Service support duty.

The free trader illustrated here is the Alexandria Class free trader. It is by no means the only type of free trader-countless numbers of designs are found throughout explored space. The Alexandria, however, is a popular and versatile ship which is quite common in many parts of the Irnperium. The class is named after famous commercial ports of the past and present; thus some names encountered include Alexandria, New York, Genoa, Shanghai, Caledon, and Zusharidur.

The deck plans illustrate the security oriented design of the Alexandria, with bridge and crew quarters forward and passengers aft, separated by the two-deck hold. Bay doors located on either side of the cargo area allow access to the decks, while airlocks are located on the aft side and forward upper deck allow access for passengers and crew.

If turrets are installed, they are located on the upper deck, just aft of the cargo area.

History & Background[edit]

It is also known as the Port of Call class Free Trader.

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50 Representative Free Trader (AF) Classes[edit]

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