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The Quick Ship Profile (QSP) is a quick reference ship description used by most Imperial agencies and a number of non-Imperials as well. [1]


The Quick Ship Profile is a short coded description of the mission and capabilities of the ship. The QSP may be enhanced with the Crew Extension (...detailing the various crew members for the ship) and the Vehicle Extension (...detailing the vehicles and small craft carried by the ship). [2]

Quick Ship Profile Overview[edit]

Imperial Ship Classification
Mission Type Code Separator Hull Configuration G’s Jump Remarks
A2 - B S 2 1 A basic QSP.
Type A2 class Far Trader (no information, just a separator) 200 tons Streamlined Hull Maneuver Drive-2 Jump Drive-1 The ubiquitous Far Trader, or any ship with the same hull configuration, mission code, movement, size.
VA - 0K U 2 4 An unofficial variant QSP with an extra digit for a high tonnage ship.
Type VA Heavy Carrier (no information, just a separator) 100,000 tons (Unofficial variant) Unstreamlined Hull Maneuver Drive-2 Jump Drive-4 The Antiama class Fleet Carrier, or any ship with the same hull configuration, mission code, movement, size.

Quick Ship Profile Parameters[edit]

The final ship design is abbreviated into an easily understood expression. The Quick Ship Profile contains:

Under certain conditions (including being close enough to scan in moderate detail), all of this data save the mission code can be obtained on a quick scan (not enough to confirm weapons, defenses, ship troop levels, and other things considered by certain versions of the Universal Ship Profile, and the mission code often guessed at given the ship's external design and observed behavior (if not from the transponder). It is often broadcast by a ship's transponder, when the ship's captain does not wish to inform potential pirates exactly how the ship is armed (and thus, exactly how to defeat the ship's defenses).

CBPUSAL Hull Designation[edit]

Quick Ship Profile Codes: ACS[edit]

Quick Ship Profile[3]
Code Tonnage G J Config Remarks
0 0 tons 0 0 None Only for data purposes.
1 10 tons 1 1 / J-1

Max for TL-10

None Smallcraft
2 20 tons 2 2 / J-2

Max for TL-11

None Smallcraft
3 30 tons 3 3 / J-3

Max for TL-12

None Smallcraft
4 40 tons 4 4 / J-4

Max for TL-13

None Smallcraft
5 50 tons 5 5 / J-5

Max for TL-14

None Smallcraft
6 60 tons 6 6 / J-6

Max for TL-15

None Smallcraft
7 70 tons 7 7 / J-7

Max for TL-16

None Smallcraft
8 80 tons 8 8 / J-8

Max for TL-17

None Smallcraft
9 90 tons 9 9 / J-9

Max for TL-18

None Smallcraft
A 100 tons 10 Airframe Hull Adventure Class Ship
B 200 tons 11 Braced Hull Adventure Class Ship
C 300 tons 12 Cluster Hull Adventure Class Ship
D 400 tons 13 - Adventure Class Ship
E 500 tons 14 - Adventure Class Ship
F 600 tons 15 - Adventure Class Ship
G 700 tons 16 - Adventure Class Ship
H 800 tons 17 - Adventure Class Ship
J 900 tons 18+ - Adventure Class Ship
K 1,000 tons 0.1 - Adventure Class Ship
L 1,100 tons 0.2 Lifting Body Hull Adventure Class Ship
M 1,200 tons 0.3 - Adventure Class Ship
N 1,300 tons 0.4 - Adventure Class Ship
P 1,400 tons 0.5 Planetoid Hull Adventure Class Ship
Q 1,500 tons 0.6 - Adventure Class Ship
R 1,600 tons 0.7 - Adventure Class Ship
S 1,700 tons 0.8 Streamlined Hull Adventure Class Ship
T 1,800 tons 0.9 - Adventure Class Ship
U 1,900 tons - Unstreamlined Hull Adventure Class Ship
V 2,000 tons - - Adventure Class Ship
W 2,100 tons - - Adventure Class Ship
X 2,200 tons - - Adventure Class Ship
Y 2,300 tons - - Adventure Class Ship
Z 2,400 tons - - Adventure Class Ship



There are three extensions to the QSP: one for carried vehicles, one for the ship's crew, and a method for designating alternate FTL drives.


Various unofficial methods may be used for representing ship designs compactly. Extensions depend entirely on the needs of the application.

Tech Level[edit]

The tech level could be appended. For example, a TL-12 free trader QSP might be A-BU11-C.


The turrets might be listed as remarks after the QSP. For example, a free trader QSP with a single turret and a triple turret might be A-BU11 T1 T3.

Larger Ships[edit]

For ships larger than 2400 tons, an initial exponent digit could be placed before the size code. Some examples:

  EF-3EU66.     5,000 ton Fast Escort.
  GR-4BS60.    20,000 ton "Battle" Rider.
  CB-4DU73.    40,000 ton Battle Cruiser.
  SB-ACP62.    30,000,000,000 ton Planetoid "Battle Sentinel".

However, note that starships over a few million tons are functionally more like a world than a ship.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The QSP provides a basic identification of the performance capabilities of a ship. The QSP can be expanded with two extensions: [4]

  1. The VX Vehicle Extension, and…
    1. The Vehicle Extension Vx is a variable length string recounting the vehicles and small craft carried by the ship.
  2. The CX Crew Extension.
    1. The Crew Extension. The Crew Extension Cx is a variable length string detailing the crew members for the ship.

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