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The Imperial Standard Catalog Number (ISCN) is a logistical tracking number used throughout the Imperial military.

  • It's so widespread that many civilian businesses use it as well.
  • It's even used outside of Imperial Space.

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Naval ship construction[edit]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

To control the logistical flow of traffic, the Imperial military uses the Imperial Standard Catalog Number system. Everything that can conceivably be issued is given a 12-digit identifier. Materials are requisitioned using these numbers. and it is easy to check if the unit is authorized for the material requested. [1]

The ISCN number has three main parts:

  1. The first three digits are a general classification number. Personal weapons are OUI, dining facility equipment 152, etc.
  2. The next four spaces are an alphanumeric code for the region and year in which the item was first procured.
  3. The final five spaces are a unique item code. [2]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Catalog numbers have no relationship to any model numbers or names that the equipment might have. A KG56A3 Gauss Rifle will show up in the supply chain as a OUI-COR9-47329. Soldiers know that supply workers who refer to equipment by full ISCNs are likely to lack any flexibility or sense of humor. [3]

Even large pieces of equipment, such as grav tanks, have their own ISCN numbers. Along with the number to describe the entire vehicle. Every one of its components should have its own ISCN. Trying to keep track of all the parts and systems can grow very confusing, especially since similar parts will tend to have ISCNs close to each other. [4]

Occasionally mistakes do get past the system, and a psychological warfare unit might find itself with a 005-VLDO-II0765 Meson Artillery Sled rather than the 050VLDO-110765 Portable Detention Facility (Vargr) that they expected. Mistakes might also be made in the size of the order, causing a unit thai expected 100 boxes of self-healing combat rations to receive 100 cases instead. When things like this happen, a good supply sergeant knows just what to do. [5]

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