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Documentation relating to the identity ship

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Documentation relating to the identity ship. This will include the location (Starport) where the original register entry is recorded, the date when it was recorded and the owner of record. Additional papers may exist including an operating licence showing that the current operators have permission from the owners to operate the vessel at the location where it is inspected; details of any Lien that a mortgage company holds on the vessel; etc.

Books of Charted Space[edit]


Well-known Charted Space Publications
Title / Author Synopsis Remarks
The Travellers’ Aid Society Green List Starship Guide Regularly published and updated guide book.
The Traveller's Guide to Starships Starship Guide Regularly published and updated guide book.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Ship Registers have existed since governments sought to regulate trade and (more importantly for them) tax it. The basic concept required that every vessel in a jurisdiction should display its identity and the port of origin and that any suspicion regarding the vessels ownership or status could be cleared up by referring enquiries to that port. The state that maintains the registry is then also responsible for ensuring the quality of the ship and qualification of the crew.

Within the Imperium the register is maintained by the Imperial Starport Authority and registration details are exchanged between ports on a periodic basis. Imperial Law requires that all vessels operating more than 100 diameters from the planet of origin should be registered with an Imperial Starport (if Imperial) or with the starport on the planet of origin (if not). Curiously, the Imperial Navy is responsible for enforcing the registration requirement, and the Imperial Starport Authority is merely required to raise suspicions of a false or misleading registry with the Navy.

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