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Universal Manufacturing Templates (UMTs) are very specific data files that describe in excruciating detail the specifications to manufacturing a technological device.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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Manufacturing Technology of Charted Space - Ship Design:

Naval ship construction[edit]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

UMT's are very specific data files that describe in excruciating detail the specifications to manufacturing a technological device. They contain critical pathways, dual use methodologies, prerequisite technology paths, and in depth instructions for both an object and all of the technologies leading to it. Such information can be incredibly valuable or decidingly commonplace. The simpler UMT's can be purchased from the street peddlers of more technologically advanced worlds while more sensitive technologies might only be available on megacorporation fab worlds or naval depots.

Interstellar Industrial Manufacturing Standards[edit]

Ancient Terra once had an organization called the ISO (International Organization of Standards), which created manufacturing standards for the various nation-states of Old Earth. The Rule of Man brought a similar idea to the Second Imperium and overlaid the idea on the manufacturing capabilities of the Vilani Bureaux. From that fertile cross-pollination of two industrial giants was developed the Imperial Naval Depot system and several manufacturing standardization schemes.

Standardized Ship Designs[edit]

Standard Designs: There are a number of standard design plans known as Universal Manufacturing Template (UMTs) widely available; they have been in use for a long time, and are available for a nominal fee (Cr100 for the set).

Industrial QREBS Standards[edit]

Long ago, the Imperial Naval Depot System worked out means for not only classifying the technological levels of manufactured goods, and standard codes to name an object, but also the other qualities and characteristics of any manufactured item. This system, the QREBS System is used throughout the Third Imperium and beyond.

QREBS stands for:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Burden
  • Safety

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Most Common Standardized Smallcraft Types[edit]

  1. Cutter (50-ton)
  2. Fighter (10-ton)
  3. Launch (20-ton)
  4. Pinnace (40-ton)
  5. Ship's Boat (30-ton)
  6. Shuttle (95-ton)
  7. Slow Boat (30-ton)
  8. Slow Pinnace (40-ton)

Most Common Standardized Starship Types[edit]

  1. Free Trader (Type A) (200-ton)
  2. Mercenary Cruiser (Type C) (800-ton)
  3. Safari Ship (Type K) (200-ton)
  4. Laboratory Ship (Type L) (400-ton)
  5. Subsidized Liner (Type M) (600-ton)
  6. Subsidized Merchant (Type R) (400-ton)
  7. Scout/Courier (Type S) (100-ton)
  8. Patrol Cruiser (Type T) (400-ton)
  9. Yacht (Type Y) (200-ton)

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