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Third Imperium Naval Depots serve as focuses for naval efforts, supplying a fleet's every need, providing construction and repair facilities, and producing and testing experimental ship prototypes.

  • They are also centers of material and manufacturing technologies. They help to set the pace of technological progress, standardization, and innovation.
  • A depot generally occupies an entire system. Facilities, material, and personnel are extensive enough to repair and resupply a large fraction of a sector fleet at any time. A depot may be isolated from outside contact for years at a time without serious setbacks. As depots cover large parts of a system, there is no distinction between orbital and surface berthing.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

In peacetime, the main functions of a depot are naval command, support, and planning; which includes the design and testing of ships. A large staff of naval architects, the cream of the area, and construction personnel are maintained at most depots. A Depot may operate a training fleet and academies, a mothball fleet, research, 'command and control' and other functions necessary to maintain the Imperial Navy.

  • In wartime, depots serve as repair and resupply centers for fleets. In emergencies, the depot's construction yards can be pressed into service for full scale production of military ships.
  • Since a depot is obviously a very sensitive installation, security is tight. An extensive array of both entry and exit codes are employed to insure no unauthorized vessels enter or leave the system. Contingents of marines and system defense boats are stationed throughout the system, and are constantly ready for action. Almost all depots have an Amber or Red Zone rating
  • Typically, there is usually no more than one naval depot per sector, placed in systems where they will be close enough to the expected action to be useful, but far enough back to insure that they will not be captured.

Depot Services[edit]

Each Imperial navy depot is built around providing all the requirements of the Imperial fleets of the sector.

Typical Naval Depot Services
Service Notes
Repairs & Maintenance A major focus for each naval depot is the maintenance of the navy's starships. Ships are brought to the depot for periodic inspection, annual overhauls, upgrades and installation of new equipment, and repair of damage incurred in the course of operations. In peace time, routine maintenance services are a valuable activity; in time of war, the service is invaluable.
  • Depots keep on hand a stock of repair and replacement parts that would be unavailable at any one place anywhere else in the Imperium and have the ability to fabricated or invent parts as needed.
Personnel Services Depots are a natural assignment for large numbers of naval personnel. All skills that the navy needs are required at a depot. Support services, administration, dependent support, housing, recreation, and technical services are all needed on a continuing bases at the depot.
  • Depots often have very large barracks areas for unassigned crew. Staff overages often received transitional assignments (temporary duty assignment) at a depot world.
Research & Development Each depot maintains a large scale research and development office. New ship systems and full ship designs are the usual focus. Work includes reverse engineering foreign ship designs and systems.
  • Many depot worlds also contain numerous technology staffs, pushing out both the theoretical and applied sciences.
Training Each depot is naturally given the task of providing training for military personnel. Because of the many different services a depot provides, it is uniquely suited to training personnel for those services. As a result, a depot maintains an extensive training establishment, providing in-depth training for all aspects of starship technology.
  • In addition to basic skills training, the depot maintains a training fleet and adversary squadron for both tactical and strategic starship combat training.

Depot Fleets[edit]

Each naval depot has three dedicated fleets of ships assigned to it. Unlike the Regular Fleets, these are specialized ships build for specific purposes. For command purposes, every ship in the Depot is assigned a fleet. However, in some cases, Regular/Reserve Fleet infrastructure and support can be based from a depot rather than a starport naval base.

Typical Naval Depot Fleets
Fleet Type Notes
Training Fleet The training fleet consists of at least one example of each ship commonly found in the sector fleets. These ships are used for the training of naval personnel in all manner of situations. The Training Fleet also contains a number of adversary squadrons to act as an opposition force for the training exercises. The squadrons usually consist of either converted or custom built ships to mimic the foreign ship most likely to be encountered in the sector. The adversary squadrons of depot training fleets are generally considered to be the best trained and most effective squadrons in the Imperial Navy.
Security Fleet The depot's security fleet has the mission of defense of the Depot from all possible dangers. The security fleet maintains a collection of System Defense Boats, early warning ships, and squads of battleships and/or monitors. In times of heightened security, the security fleet can also call upon the training fleet and adversarial squadrons for additional support.
Mothball Fleet The depot is used for the storage of obsolete or obsolescent government and naval vessels that cannot be economically operated, but which retain some value for the moment. As starship classes are retired from service, some transfer to the Reserve fleets or Colonial fleets while others are stored until a use for them can be found, like attrition replacements during war, or until they are scrapped. Because a depot encompasses an entire system and is under the complete control of the Navy, it is an ideal secure storage location for such ships.
  • In addition to the retired ship classes, vessels considered too damaged to repair are also brought to the depot for processing.
  • Ships not undergoing active repair and refit are put into ordinary, powered down and sealed against the environments. These ships are placed in holding berths or left in a stable orbit around an out of the way moon or small planet. These ships can be returned to service after a period of preparation (usually a couple of weeks).
  • Ships too damaged, decrepit, or simply unwanted are turned over to the cannibalization squadron, where the ship is stripped of any remaining useful parts and the remaining hulks are cut apart for scrap or used as targets for live fire exercises.
  • The mothball fleet also consists of a large number of non-combat ships, specialized in the maintenance of ships under the control of the Depot.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Depot worlds have a long history within Charted Space and fully date back to the Ziru Sirka (Anglic: Ziru Sirka), possibly beyond. At any rate, the early Vilani used them as rallying points for their campaigns of intergalactic conquest, err...intergalactic business and advertising.

  • By the time of the Ziru Sirka (Anglic:

Ziru Sirka), the Bureaux added research and development to the mission of the depot.

  • The Rule of Man rearranged the locations of many of the depots, even hid the locations of others, but almost all of them remained industrial powerhouses.
  • Most of these built-up areas kept some measure of technical prowess through the Long Night. Some were forgotten, but the locals have long memories. Better yet, many of them remember lost technologies, innovative manufacturing techniques, and have retained lost hoards of manufacturing templates.
  • The Syleans used the worlds as data repositories for technological data, places from which to build a regional tech base.
  • The early Third Imperium kept these functions and began a methodical program of creating industrial manufacturing standards. The early Third Imperium also established Educational Institutes to aid redevelopment efforts.

Naval Depots & Manufacturing Technology[edit]

Please see the AAB article Manufacturing Technology of Charted Space for more information.

=== Aasha Ziru Sirka (Anglic: Aasha Ziru Sirka) Eshimaar (Anglic: Eshimaar) === During the Ziru Sirka (Anglic: Ziru Sirka), depots, known as Eshimaar (Anglic: Eshimaar), were Aasha Ziru Sirka (Anglic: Aasha Ziru Sirka) marshalling areas and comprised at least 10% of Vilani Naval Bases.

  • These facilities were mothballed during peacetime and activated during hostilities.
  • Known Aasha Ziru Sirka (Anglic:

Aasha Ziru Sirka) Eshimaar (Anglic: Eshimaar) include Shulgiasu (world) and Dingir (world) in Solomani Rim Sector during the Ninth Interstellar War.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Depots are located throughout Imperial Space including the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

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Camh Ranh  •  Bloddwyn  •  Depot (Da 3121)  •  Depot (De 1613)  •  Depot (Di 2018)  •  Depot (Fo 1811)  •  Depot (Gu 3016)  •  Depot (Il 1022)  •  Depot (Le 1420)  •  Depot (Ma 0301)  •  Depot (OE 1213)  •  Depot (SR 1911)  •  Depot (Vl 2728)  •  Depot (Za 1920)  •  Depot 1  •  Dynam  •  Uugnii  •  Zu  •  
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Depots of the Third Imperium[edit]

Imperial depots are traditionally named for the sector in which they are placed; for example, the Imperial depot in Corridor sector is named Depot/Corridor

Depots of the Third Imperium
# Name Alternate Name UWP Base Remarks Rebellion Allegiance Gas Giant?
1. Depot (Antares 2021) Zu or Kudii Ki A54456A-D D Ag Ni / Da Mr An: Antares Gas Giant
2. Depot (Corridor 1511) Camh Ranh A68646A-D D Ni Ga Pa / Da Mr (Miiminri)0 None Gas Giant
3. Depot (Core 1518) Uugnii A86A56A-F D Ni Wa Pr / Da Mr Im: Imperial (Lucan) None
4. Depot (Daibei 0326) Bloddwyn A9B956A-F D Fl Ni / Da Mr Da: Daibei Gas Giant
5. Depot (Dagudashaag 3121) Shenpe A31046A-F D Ni / Da Mr Im: Imperial (Lucan) None
6. Depot (Delphi 0832) Depot 1 A58346A-D D Ni / Da Mr Ma: Margaret Gas Giant
7. Depot (Delphi 1205) Depot 2 or Halena A78746A-D D Ni Ga Pa / Da Mr Ma: Margaret Gas Giant
8. Depot (Deneb 1613) Sika'im A10066A-F D Na Ni Va / Da Mr No: Norris (Deneb) None
9. Depot (Diaspora 2018) None A00076A-F D As Na Va Pi / Mr Pz None Gas Giant
10. Depot (Fornast 1811) Robinson A87846A-D D Ni Pa / Da Mr Im: Imperial (Lucan) Gas Giant
11. Depot (Gushemege 3016) Dartus A54066B-C D De He Ni Po / Da Mr St: Strephon Gas Giant
12. Depot (Ilelish 1022) None A56256A-D D Ni Pr / Da Mr Il: Ilelish Gas Giant
13. Depot (Ley 1420) None A55356A-D D Ni Po / Da Mr Im: Imperial (Lucan) None
14. Depot (Lishun 1219) Dynam or Gamkuuruu A78846A-D D Ni Pa / Da Mr None None
15. Depot (Massilia 0301) Shimuniipam A78A76A-E D Ri Wa / Mr Pz Im: Imperial (Lucan) None
16. Depot (Old Expanses 1213) Ultraneta A00056A-F D As Ni Va / Da Mr So: Solomani Gas Giant
17. Depot (Solomani Rim 1911) Rasalhague A00066B-F D As Na Ni Va / Da Mr So: Solomani Gas Giant
18. Depot (Vland 2728) Kuushi A59466A-C D Ag Ni / Da Mr Vl: Vland Gas Giant
19. Depot (Zarushagar 1920) None A68886B-C D Ri Pa Ph / Pz Mr None None

Allegiance Abbreviations:

  • - = No continuing control,
  • An = Antares
  • Da = Daibei
  • II = Ilelish
  • Im = Imperial (Lucan)
  • Ma = Margaret
  • No = Norris (Deneb)
  • So = Solomani
  • St = Strephon
  • VI = Vland

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