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The Skip Drive is a hypothetical future technological enhancement on the Jump Drive which has a performance measured in hundreds of parsecs of travel. It is a 2nd Order of Magnitude Jump Space Drive.


Like the hop drive, skip drives might use a farport in target systems for cargo and passenger services. However, with skip drives, these ports must typically be out in the oort cloud. This is not a major problem, because it can be located near ice-asteroids that can be mined for fuel.

However, unlike the hop drive, skip drives will probably benefit from having a jump drive installed. This drive gets them into uncluttered deep space, where the skip drive may then operate with better efficiency. It also helps ships limp back to a world in the case of jump scatter. In this case, a farport is not really needed, since the ship can simply jump to the mainworld.

Thus, the farport is not a foregone conclusion.

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