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Reality Drives are a hypothetical future FTL Starship Drive capable of instantaneous, unlimited travel throughout the spacetime continuum.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The reality Drive is based on Reality Manipulation. The principle of the drive is that it constantly manipulates reality so the ship is ever slightly closer to the target destination. Should a ship with such a drive collide with a planet, star or other cosmic object, the drive can "revise" reality to prevent the collision. Such drives and their operators would theoretically be bound by a sizable set of rules to prevent abuse of the drive that could prove catastrophic.

FTL Drive Specifications[edit]

FTL Drive Specifications (Starship Propulsion)
Category Specifications Remarks
Name Reality Drive A hypothetical future drive with near unlimited capabilities. It uses Reality Manipulation Technology. It is unsure if any precursor species possessed this technology, even the Ancients.
Drive Type Universe Traverse Allows travel through, across, different realities and universes. Might be the most potent transportation technology available. Allows access to anywhere or anywhen within space-time.
Velocity Unlimited No limiting factor has hypothetically been found for this hypothetical technology.
Duration Instantaneous Some conjecture that the drive allows reality manipulation and chronotaxis, theoretically allowing for instantaneous traverse to any point in time, no matter how minute or large if those adjectives apply.
Hazards Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Geometry Unknown Unknown
Levels Unknown Unknown
Entry Unknown Unknown
Exit Unknown Unknown
Fuel Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Inventor Unknown Unknown
Characteristics Unknown Unknown

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Reality Manipulation TL-27. The ability to edit reality, primarily through redos: limited retrospective changes to past events to alter their effects on the present.

Expected Reality Manipulation Development Sequence[edit]


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