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Goods are the items that sophonts, and especially adventurers, demand in great quantities. They are the guns, gadgets, devices, and technological toys that the the public demands. They also include more mundane items such as food, drink, construction materials, drugs, luxury items, tools, and various sundries that make technological society possible.

Goods are tangible items, and are distinct from non-tangible (intangible) items, known as services.

Please see the sub-categories for specific types of goods.

These items may appear as cargo, or as items owned by players. Items in the library should be goods related to the Official Traveller Universe. (e.g. Machine parts). Materials such as grain or wood should not be in the library, unless there is a special Traveller-related reason (q.v. Hellboria Wood).

There is a summary list: Goods/summary

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