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Technical Data.jpg
Type Communication Device
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Various
Size Various
Weight Various
Manufacturer Various
Also see Ship Equipment
Reference T5 Core Rules 388.

A CommCaster is a shipboard or station-installed device that shares data with multiple other vessels and their ship computers. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A CommCaster can be thought of as a robust communicator that transmits multiple signals through whatever type of tight beam communication system the individual ships are using. They are typically turret-mounted. [4]

  • It allows coordination of attack and defense among a squadron or task force of warships, the sharing of sensor data, and the enabling of multiple warships to attack the same target simultaneously in a coordinated manner. [5]

Image Repository[edit]

Technical Data.jpg

Functional Explication[edit]

CommCasters are dedicated information and communications links between the ships:

  1. Sensor Data: Two ships, each with commCasters can share sensor data, and each may attack targets sensed by the other.
  2. Virtual Battery Fire: Ships (...each equipped with CommCaster) can attack the same target with weapons of the same type (...but not necessarily the same TL or mount). The hits inflicted by the weapons can complement each other, possibly causing more destructive effects. [6]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

CommCasters are part of a ship's electronic warfare suite. They become available around the TL:7-9 tech epoch, and as tech levels increase they become more sophisticated in response to more advanced adversarial countermeasures. [7]

Vilani CommCasters During the Interstellar Wars[edit]

Vilani battle fleets extensively relied on CommCasters during the Interstellar Wars, as they aided in the general Vilani operational tactic of employing overwhelming firepower directed by a single commander. They were surprised when Terran countermeasures such as broad-spectrum jamming (...typically with rock music) and other types of active ECM rendered them ineffective. The Vilani had not encountered electronic warfare before, and did not even have a word for it in their language at the time. [8]

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