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A Communicator is defined as a radio transmitter/receiver combination device.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It is capable of operating off an internal power source; it is portable in the sense that it need not be connected to a power supply. It may transmit and receive both voice and data. Communicators 0.2 liters and under can be worn as earpieces, which are unnoticeable to the casual observer.


A miniaturized electronic device capable of receiving voice or radio input, recording it, and transmitting this information either on a given external signal or continuously. Reception and transmission is on the standard voice communication bands. Thus, the device can listen for signals and then retransmit them, or it can continuously transmit a prerecorded message. Tape length is 10 minutes; transmitter range is line of sight (it is blocked by buildings, mountains, and so on)

Laser Communicator[edit]

The laser communicator is a Iine-of- sight device with a regional range (500 km). This distance is seldom needed on a world’s surface since the distance to the horizon limits the range first, but this range often allows contact with an orbiting ship.

The laser communicator’s main advantage is that it provides a tight beam and therefore a private means of communication. Sets of laser-communicators are often set up in a “repeater” network. Spaced at a horizon-to-horizon distance, the units can instantly convey a message around a world by retransmitting it from station to station.

Video Communicator[edit]

The video communicator transmits a voice and two-dimensional image over a range of 500 km (regional). The unit is small enough to be carried in a pocket or hung on a belt. The communicator has a built-in microphone and video camera for input and a small speaker and a polylucent cuprothallium display for output. The cuprothallium display slides into the main housing when not in use, and the video camera can be switched off if desired. Commdots can be used to speak and listen if the device is attached to a belt. By opening the unit up, interior controls can preselect five different frequencies for current use; one of these can then be chosen using the frequency selection knob on the front of the communicator. The communicator can transmit and receive simultaneously. When used with commdots, the communicator can be used to set the commdot frequencies to itself; it will also automatically multiplex with a commdot for any of its five active frequencies.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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