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Jump Torpedos don't officially exist in the canon OTU despite several key references in foundational Classic Traveller materials.

  • A jump torpedo is a vehicular FTL starcraft that masses under a hundred tons yet has a jump drive in violation of canon.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Many to most sources describe a jump torpedo as an unmanned starship under a 100 Dtons in size.

  • They were intended to carry messages like giant carrier pigeons or X-boats, which later supplanted and replaced them in canon literature.
  • The iconic X-Boat later replaces this story device.
  • Later canon statements specifically prohibit jump drives in smallcraft at TL-15 or below.
  • By later definition, the jump torpedo would be a large drone or a robot if its mind was intelligent enough.

Ortillerist class Torpedo Ship[edit]

Ships such as the Ortillerist class Torpedo Ship, which are at least one hundred tons but dedicate much of their tonnage to torpedo systems, are the closest thing to a jump torpedo that OTU supports, especially fully-automated drone or robot versions - but these are to torpedoes like carriers are to fighters.

Explanative Jump Torpedo Theories[edit]

David Jaques-Watson recorded several of the theories mulled over by fans and the TML:

  1. Theory 1. "Not in MY Traveller Universe!:" Disallow sub-100t jumpcraft completely. This means ignoring both Leviathan and the RSB.
  2. Theory 2. "The Moon's A Balloon:" Explain that the Leviathan's jump torps deploy an expandable structure that fills out to 100t displacement before initiating jump; this allows such craft as "jump lifeboats" carrying emergency low berths.
  3. Theory 3. "Clarke's Law:" Allow sub-100t jumps at TL-16. This is the simplest and most elegant solution ...the Leviathan's J-torps are therefore experimental technology supplied by Glisten, the Regency's jump-boats are cutting-edge tech developed during the cross-fertilisation of ideas between HRD/Deneb and the Darrians. The only canon change is to raise the TL of the jump drives installed on the jump-boats to TL-16.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Fans argue about these matters quite often since several early Traveller works discuss these works and present statistics for the jump torpedo.

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