Fhajus Virus

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Fhajus Virus is an airborne contagion, it places its victim in a catatonic state for three to four days, after which it is overwhelmed by the body's immune system.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

This virus is used by Tuablin kidnappers, hijackers, intelligence ops, and others, for the immobilization of sentients.

  • Usually spread by an onsite agent immunizied against the virus, usually in a ship's air supply.
  • Non-animal sentients (or microscopic such as Lorcvih) are unaffected by the virus.
  • The native, wild strain affects the Airyal cats of Intercourse, Humaniti, Vargr, and Aslan, causing one to two days of coma in the victims.


Rumors circulate of variety developed by pirates immune to the Tuablin vacine. Cost: 10,000 Cr. per milligram.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Discovered on Intercourse/Delta (The Beyond ) and developed by Dr. Ontil Fhajus for Tuablin.

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