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A Hieronymous Device is a fabled Artifact which allows two separate jump drives to be used together for dramatically better performance.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The device allows two jump drives to be used together with an exponential effect.

  • A Jump-3 and a Jump-2 drive would allow for (...three to the second power) Jump-9 travel.
  • A pair of Jump-6 drives would allow for (...six to the sixth power) Jump-46,656 travel, almost enough to jump from Terra to the nearby Greater Magellanic Cloud galaxy, and far more than enough to reach the Milky Way Galaxy from the Canis Major Overdensity. Assuming the device can only link two Jump drives (not Hop Drive or more advanced), this would be the highest possible performance, and even then only using drop tanks or advanced drives that need less fuel: since both drives must be fueled, a pair of Jump-6 drives would normally require 120% of the ship's mass in fuel.

It is not known what technology level such a device would be.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

It is believed that the derelict Annic Nova class Far Trader may have once used such a device with a Jump-3 and a Jump-2 drive. It is unknown who now possesses this artifact, if it still exists (...assuming it ever did), and if it was limited to working only with those specific drives.

Technological Overview of Alternate FTL Devices[edit]

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