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The Hop Drive is a technological enhancement on the Jump Drive which has a performance measured in tens of parsecs. It is a 1st Order of Magnitude Jump Space Drive.


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FTL Drive Specifications[edit]

See Jump Drive#Jump Drive Specifications, with which Hop Drive shares many similarities. The velocity is 10-fold. The various grades are 8 TLs later than their equivalent Jump Drive grade (Hop-1 at TL-17 though Hop-6 at TL-23), so no major group has access to Hop Drive before then. Entry and exit is at 1,000 planetary diameters instead of 100.


The development of the Hop drive enables longer-ranged exploration and transport. While long-ranged scout ships can simply be refitted and ready to go, transports require more support.

One possible support is the farport -- a distant starport extension. This is infrastructure which will lag the hop drive for some years.

Farports will first be built on routes between important worlds. They sit out at a 1000D point, holding fuel for hop ships. They will also have fast shuttles and slow in-system barges, for moving people and cargo between the hop port and the mainworld. They have considerable fuel tankage available, which is in turn serviced by fuel shuttles, or ice-asteroids pushed inward from the oort cloud, or a fuel barge gathering hydrogen from a percolator orbiting a nearby gas giant. In the latter case, the farport will be at a long orbit around a gas giant -- 1000 diameters from a gas giant can range from 0.13 AU to 1.3 AU.

Auxiliary Jump[edit]

In the first years of hop drive, ships will have a hop drive installed with an auxiliary jump drive. This allows a ship to make a long-distance hop, but then jump into the mainworld. In this manner, no farport is necessary. Even with a state which has farports, any ship that is off the major routes would do to also have a jump-1 drive "just in case".

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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