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The Z-Drive, or lifters, are a gravity control based technology used as a Maneuver Drive in starships, and as a motive thrust system in vehicles.

  • It is first developed at TL:7-9 with most sophont societies producing capable prototypes by TL–8, although some do it earlier.
  • It is a kind of Ship Equipment.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Lifters are anti-gravity hull plates that negate local gravity and provide a limited ability to change location. Lifters produce only a limited lateral movement vector and are not suited to long distance travel on a world. Lifters have an effective horizontal top speed of 50 kph. Lifters operate optimally within 1D of a gravity source; they are ineffective at distances beyond 1D. [1]

Lifters do not provide thrust and so cannot physically lift a craft. Instead, they neutralize most of the gravitational attraction of a world (approximately 99% of gravitation force, beyond which power use becoming prohibitive). Usually Lifters are used only as an adjunct to the ship's thrusters (M-Drive or G-Drive). By neutralizing most of a world's gravitational field, a ship with only 1-G of thrust can still escape the world's gravity well. [2]

STL Drive Specifications[edit]

STL Drive Specifications (Starship Propulsion)
Category Specifications Remarks
Name Z-Drive Early Z-Drives only work within a planetary gravity well.
Drive Type Lifter A gravitic control technology.
Velocity TBD TBD
Duration TBD TBD
Hazards TBD TBD
Geometry TBD TBD
Levels TBD TBD
Inventor TBD TBD
Characteristics TBD TBD

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Z-Drives become commonplace by the TL:10-12 technological epoch. Earlier models can be notoriously unreliable. Higher technology models are vastly more capable. [3]

Grav drive technology is still prototype in this technological epoch and still possesses many problems to be worked out. Shipborne Z-Drives often fall short and more capable and reliable drives are mostly used except under niche conditions where the Z-Drive might possess local advantages.[4]

The technology is made practical by this technological epoch and it becomes ubiquitous across the worlds and systems of Charted Space and a default ship component in spacecraft and starcraft. Air/rafts and G-carriers begin to replace aircraft in many roles on worlds that can afford them.[5]

Advanced gravitic technology becomes even more capable allowing for speeders (...grav-aircraft hybrids) and even planet to satellite grav transports. Grav technology still falls short of allowing complete intersystem transport.[6]

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