Traveller Calendar 2010

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Traveller Calendar 2010
Author Andrew Boulton
Publisher Spica Publishing
Version Generic Traveller
Format Calendar (PDF)
Language English
Pages 22
Year Published 2009
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG

Traveller Calendar 2010 is a Spica Publishing calendar designed for Generic Traveller.

The Traveller calendars were a neat series of Traveller art organized for charity benefits. The art was mostly CG (computer generated) and came from the sci-fi art community. Andrew Boulton headed the project every year.

Since 2006, we have been producing the official Traveller charity calendar, as a showcase for some of the best Traveller art around today.

This PDF version includes all the art from the 2010 Traveller Calendar, and features work by Andrew Boulton, Jesse DeGraff, Mark Hirst, William H. Keith, Mark Lucas, Magmagmag, Thomas Peters, and Wayne Peters.

All profits from the sale of the Calendar will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Andrew Boulton
Andrew Boulton, Jesse DeGraff, Mark Hirst, William H. Keith, Mark Lucas, Magmagmag, Thomas Peters, and Wayne Peters

Table of Contents[edit]

Spica Publishing:
Traveller Calendar 2010
Month Centerpiece Artist Remarks
January Dropship Assault Andrew Boulton Three SolNav dropships enter an atmosphere with weapons a blazing.
February Homecoming Jesse DeGraff A Lightning class Frontier Merchant, the Cutty Sark, flies in front of a lush planet.
March Corsairs Mark Hirst Several corsairs appear to be standing guard under native NILs on their knees in poses of subjugation.
April Refueling in the Ruins Thomas Peters A 200 ton Alexandria class Free Trader is doing a water refueling on a planet with high tech ruins in the background.
May Spirit of Sirius Andrew Boulton A Type M class Subsidized Liner in orbit around a lush world features a Launch in the near background.
June Aslan William H. Keith Classic Aslan art featuring Trokh writing and three upper class Aslan males with fine clothing are featured in front of a planet with a moon that might be Kusyu (world).
July 30,000 ton PENARU8-class Light Cruiser Magmagmag A Penaru-8 class Light Cruiser of the Imperial Navy flies through space.
August The Princess Escapes, Again Thomas Peters A small skirmish is occurring with armed gunmen firing on a princess and her companions, one of them a robot.
September Boarding Party Mark Lucas Three craft, two almost certainly starships, and another possibly a space station or Cargo Vessel, encounter each other by a lush planet with an atmosphere.
October Tellurium East Mark Hirst A human woman with a holstered pistol glances across the foreground while on what appears to be Jungle World with two elevated landing pads.
November Broadsword Down Jesse DeGraff A Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser under fire in space launches two Modular Cutters.
December Hiver and Bwap Wayne Peters A Hiver and Bwap pose for a photo in front of an Imperial Sunburst background.
  • The Bwap in warpaint is riding the Hiver and carrying what looks like a Gaus Rifle.
  • The Hiver has a holstered Hiver pistol on his utilility harness.

Traveller Calendar Series[edit]

Calendars were a regular fan item for a number of years:

  1. Traveller Calendar 2006
  2. Traveller Calendar 2007
  3. Traveller Calendar 2008
  4. Traveller Calendar 2009
  5. Traveller Calendar 2010
  6. Traveller Calendar 2011
  7. Traveller Calendar 2012
  8. Traveller Calendar 2013 Andrew Boulton Memorial Edition
  9. Traveller Calendar 2014 (...wasn't created or published)
  10. Traveller Calendar 2015

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Advanced Combat Rifle
  2. Air/Raft
  3. Arcology
  4. Aslan
  5. Bwap
  6. Corsair
  7. Gravcraft
  8. Grenade Launcher
  9. Hiver
  10. Imperial Navy
  11. Imperial Sunburst
  12. J'aadje
  13. Modular Cutter
  14. Solomani Navy (SolNav)
  15. Speeder
  16. Spinning Star LIC
  17. Trokh
  18. Tropical World

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Ships[edit]

  1. Alexandria class Free Trader
  2. Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser
  3. Gazelle class Close Escort
  4. Lightning class Frontier Merchant
  5. Penaru-8 class Light Cruiser
  6. Type M class Subsidized Liner
  7. Type S class Scout/Courier
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