Traveller Calendar 2011

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Traveller Calendar 2011
Author Andrew Boulton
Publisher Spica Publishing
Version Generic Traveller
Format Calendar (PDF)
Language English
Pages 22
Year Published 2011
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG

Traveller Calendar 2011 is a Spica Publishing calendar designed for Generic Traveller.

The Traveller calendars were a neat series of Traveller art organized for charity benefits. The art was mostly CG (computer generated) and came from the sci-fi art community. Andrew Boulton headed the project every year.

This PDF version includes all the art from the 2011 Traveller Calendar, and features work by Joshua Bell, Vincent Bernard, Andrew Boulton, Jesse DeGraff, Shawn Driscoll, Mark Hirst, Magmagmag, Thomas Peters, and Wayne Peters. All profits from the sale of the Calendar will be donated to the Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.


Project Manager
Andrew Boulton
Joshua Bell, Vincent Bernard, Andrew Boulton, Jesse DeGraff, Shawn Driscoll, Mark Hirst, Magmagmag, Thomas Peters, Wayne Peters, etc.

Table of Contents[edit]

Spica Publishing:
Traveller Calendar 2011
Month Title Artist Remarks
January Shadows: Inside the Pyramid Andrew Boulton A pair of armed adventurers walking along a corridor, possibly in Vacuum Suits.
February Jump Sequence Completed Wayne Peters A Beowulf class Free Trader emerging from jump near a planet.
March The Emperor’s Lift Cavalry Thomas Peters Several military vehicles including several Trepida class Grav Tanks and Astrin class Grav APCs flying over the surface of a planet, probably a Desert World.
  • Battledress troopers are tank riding.
  • Includes date of 031-1011, which is Imperial Armed Forces Day.
April Charted Space Joshua Bell & Wayne Peters A beautifully rendered map of Charted Space from www,
  • Includes date of 095-1002 marking the Imperial invasion of Terra.
May Lab Ship Andrew Boulton An image of a Type L class Lab Ship over a temperate world with a star in the background.
June Azun Shawn Driscoll A beautiful render of the arcologies at Azun (world).
July Lurking Jesse DeGraff A Azhanti High Lightning class Cruiser lurking inbetween a ringed gas giant and a possibly frozen moon.
August Strephon Vincent Bernard A head profile shot of Emperor Strephon.
September Into the Nebula Andrew Boulton A Type S class Scout/Courier in deep space with a magenta nebula in the background.
October Express Boat Tender Magmagmag An exploded diagram of a Type XT class Express Boat Tender with text labels.
  • There are several X-boats throughout the greater image.
November The New Patron Arrives Thomas Peters A crew at a starport, preparing to meet their new patron, probably in an approaching Speeder. One of the crew is standing next to an alien lifeform, possibly a pet.
December Touchdown Mark Hirst An unidentified vessel, possibly a high tech dirigible although it could be a starship, settling down on a landing pad in a city, probably on a High Pop World.

Traveller Calendar Series[edit]

Calendars were a regular fan item for a number of years:

  1. Traveller Calendar 2006
  2. Traveller Calendar 2007
  3. Traveller Calendar 2008
  4. Traveller Calendar 2009
  5. Traveller Calendar 2010
  6. Traveller Calendar 2011
  7. Traveller Calendar 2012
  8. Traveller Calendar 2013 Andrew Boulton Memorial Edition
  9. Traveller Calendar 2014 (...wasn't created or published)
  10. Traveller Calendar 2015
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