Traveller Calendar 2013 Andrew Boulton Memorial Edition

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Traveller Calendar 2013
Andrew Boulton Memorial Edition
Author Ian Stead
Publisher Spica Publishing
Version Generic Traveller
Format Calendar (PDF)
Language English
Pages 22
Year Published 2012
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG

The Traveller Calendar 2013 Andrew Boulton Memorial Edition is a Spica Publishing calendar designed for Generic Traveller.

The Traveller calendars were a neat series of Traveller art organized for charity benefits. The art was mostly CG (computer generated) and came from the sci-fi art community. Andrew Boulton headed the project every year.

The annual Traveller Calendar was the brain child of Andrew Boulton, who for the past several years has assem- bled a truly talented band of artists to produce the calendar, proceeds of which went to various good causes.

Sadly Andrew passed away this year (2012) and it looked like the next calendar would not happen. But the artists would not let that happen: Ian Stead stepped forward to manage the project; the artists all stepped forward with truly great Traveller art, and all wanted to make this a tribute to Andrew.

Everyone donated their time; the Traveller permissions and licensing (as always) was donated.

Now you are the last link in the chain: we hope you enjoy this calendar as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Ian Stead

Table of Contents[edit]

Traveller Calendar 2013
Month Title Artist Remarks
Preface Art #1 Missing Man Donavan Lambertus A flight of three Imperial space fighters passing a small planet with a ring in the missing man formation.
Preface Art #2 Grand Census David Redington A landed Imperial smallcraft with filter masks explore and survey a world with abundant plant life. They are probably IISS scouts.
January Derelict Planet Bryan Gibson A crashed and long derelict Type R class Subsidized Merchant on the surface of a lush world with a high technology city in the background. Bat-winged avianoids fly in the background under the bright light of a brilliant sun.
February Relic Hunt Mirco Adam What appears to be a Type TI class Merchant flies past a gas giant with a ring that has the derelict ruins of a former technological craft in orbit. It might have been a spacecraft, possibly a space station.
March Prepare to be Boarded Ian Stead Two ships face off in deep space: A Type R class Subsidized Merchant and a Fiery class Gunned Escort.
April First Ship this Yea Thomas Peters A party of locals with trade goods drawn by unknown dray creatures and a pet approach a landed Beowulf class Free Trader. What looks like the stripped out hulk of a Type R class Subsidized Merchant can be seen in the background.
May Leaf on the Wind Wayne Peters Two IISS scouts mounted on racing ponis gesture to a nearby Type S class Scout/Courier in nap of the earth flight.
June The Job Proposal Rob Caswell A Zhodani and possibly a Solomani human haggle on a space station. In the space station window, one can see an orbiting Type R class Subsidized Merchant. An object, probably a spy cam, is floating in the background.
July Annic Nova Winchell Chung An Annic Nova class Far Trader in orbit around a gas giant with several stars in the background.
August Dust Runner Steve Attwood A Rucker class Trader travels the cosmos with a gas giant in the background.
September Rendevous Mark Hirst A Venture Star craft is landed in a small cove with a lone crewman glancing at it.
October Close Escort Magmagmag Stylized render of a Gazelle class Close Escort starship with a Gig smallcraft.
November IISS Ground Survey Andrew Staples A Wheeled ATV and an airbourne smallcraft patrol the surface of a rocky Vacuum World. A crewman in a vacuum suit watches on.
December Season Greetings Andrew Boulton An IISS Type S class Scout/Courier conveys the season’s greetings!
Closing Art Tigress with Stars Shawn Driscoll A mighty Tigress class Dreadnought patrols at high guard position along with a Azhanti High Lightning class Cruiser and several Rampart class Fighters.

Traveller Calendar Series[edit]

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