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A Garden World is hospitable to most sophonts, with a size, atmosphere, and hydrographic rating that make it extremely attractive world. A Garden World has a safe environment, which does not require protective equipment for humans and other sophonts which share the planetary environment.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Garden World is a planetological term for a lush ultra-hospitable world, almost ideally suited to conventional life of the type common to worlds like Terra.

Planetary Characteristics[edit]

A Terra-prime world is also known as a garden world, and is considered a paradise are highly desirable environment for most sophont species.

TC Bioplanetary World Series (Life) (IISS Scout Handbook, pgs. 490-491)
Type Code Size Atm Hyd Pop Gov Law Remarks
Barren World Ba -- -- -- 0 0 0 Barren, lifeless world. Ba requires Starport E, X.
Die Back World Di -- -- -- 0 0 0 Dieback (000-T). Extinct sophont. Ruins.
Garden World Ga 678 568 567 Any -- -- Paradise or Gaia world. Terra-prime or Terra-norm. Has Tp, Tr, or Tu climate code.
Home World Hw -- -- -- 1+ Any Any Homeworld. Extant (currently existing) sophont.
Reserve World Re -- -- -- 1234 -- 45 Private reserve, preserve, park, zoo, etc.
  • Terra-Prime: Siz 678, Atm 568 & Hyd 567.

Probably Planetary Orbit & Climate[edit]

A garden world is a veritable paradise, a gaia environment, conducive to most forms of conventional life.

World Placement by Zone (IISS Scout Handbook, pgs. 490-491)
(← starward) Habitable Zone / HZ] (staraway →)
TC Inner (-) HZ-2 HZ-1 HZ HZ+1 HZ+2 Outer (+) Remote & Far Systems Remarks
Ag No Unlikely Possible Yes Possible Unlikely No No Ag worlds work best within the HZ, but specialized crops may be possible in more extreme environments especially when of an unconventional life species.
  • Fa, Pa, and the Agropolis Silver World TC’s are subsets of the agricultural world series.
  • The Na TC represents worlds with little to no agricultural promise.
Ga No No No Yes No No No No Garden worlds are, by definition, limited to the Habitable Zone, which possesses a temperate climate.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

All garden worlds are considered precious commodities in a universe short of inhabitable worlds. They are lush paradises most suited to Terran-congruous (T-congruous) sophont life.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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