Barren World

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A world where there is no population. Either this world was never inhabited by sophonts, or there were but (unlike a Dieback World) almost nobody still cares: anything they may have left behind is neither a significant help nor hindrance to recolonization, nor is there believed to be anything of value (as salvage or to archaeologists) worth retrieving.

Description / Specifications[edit]

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Planetary Characteristics[edit]

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TC Bioplanetary World Series (Life) (IISS Scout Handbook, pgs. 490-491)
Type Code Size Atm Hyd Pop Gov Law Remarks
Barren World Ba -- -- -- 0 0 0 Barren, lifeless world. Ba requires Starport E, X.
Die Back World Di -- -- -- 0 0 0 Dieback (000-T). Extinct sophont. Ruins.
Garden World Ga 678 568 567 Any -- -- Paradise or Gaia world. Terra-prime or Terra-norm. Has Tp, Tr, or Tu climate code.
Home World Hw -- -- -- 1+ Any Any Homeworld. Extant (currently existing) sophont.
Reserve World Re -- -- -- 1234 -- 45 Private reserve, preserve, park, zoo, etc.

Probably Planetary Orbit & Climate[edit]

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History & Background / Dossier[edit]

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