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The Hydrosphere represents (Hydrographics) or the liquid content of a world, usually water on a conventional life-supporting world (planet).

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Some worlds with vacuum atmospheres may have hydrographic percentages greater than 0 indicating that the world has ice caps present; the water will not be freestanding liquid. A Desert World may have up to 5% free-standing water and still be considered a Desert World. Conversely, a Water World may have a 96% hydrosphere and still be considered a Water World.

Hydrographic Code Table[edit]

Hydrographic Codes
Symbol Code Description % Surface Water
Smelchakian School
% Surface Water
Tymesian School
Hydro-Code-0 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 0 Desert World 0 0 - 5 It is a super arid (anhydrous) environment.
Hydro-Code-1 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 1 Dry World 1 - 10 6 - 15 It is an arid (near anhydrous) environment.
Hydro-Code-2 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 2 Dry World 11 - 20 16 - 25 It is a standard (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-3 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 3 Wet World 21 - 30 26 - 35 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-4 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 4 Wet World 31 - 40 36 - 45 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-5 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 5 Average Wet World 41 - 50 46 - 55 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-6 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 6 Wet World 51 - 60 56 - 65 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-7 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 7 Wet World 61 - 70 66 - 75 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-8 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 8 Very Wet World 71 - 80 76 - 85 It is a standard (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-9 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 9 Very Wet World 81 - 90 86 - 95 It is a marine (near superhydrous) environment.
Hydro-Code-A Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png A Water World 91 - 100 96 - 100 It is a supermarine (superhydrous) environment.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Sophonts are known for having opinions and hydrology and hydrography are no different. Two alternate schools of interpreting the UWP arose within the early Third Imperium and are still argued about across Charted Space. Which is better? Only you can say...

What Hydro Rating should Terra be?[edit]

Another longstanding argument has been: What hydro rating should Terra be?

  • The dispute rages on, but values of 6 to 8 are most common.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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