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The Hydrosphere represents (Hydrographics) or the liquid content of a world, usually water on a conventional life-supporting world.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Worlds with vacuum atmosphere may have hydrographic percentages greater than 0 indicating that the world has ice caps present; the water will not be freestanding liquid but frozen solid mass on some or all of the surface.

A Desert World may have up to 5% free-standing water and still be considered a Desert World. Conversely, a Water World may have a 96% hydrosphere and still be considered a Water World.

On worlds with exotic, corrosive, or insidious atmospheres, the liquid may be composed of chemicals other than water, like ammonia, methane, ethanol, or other more exotic compounds.

Hydrographic Code Table[edit]

Hydrographic Codes
Symbol Code Description % Surface Water Remarks
Hydro-Code-0 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 0 Desert World 0 - 5 It is a super arid (anhydrous) environment.
Hydro-Code-1 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 1 Dry World 6 - 15 It is an arid (near anhydrous) environment.
Hydro-Code-2 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 2 Dry World 16 - 25 It is a standard (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-3 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 3 Wet World 26 - 35 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-4 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 4 Wet World 36 - 45 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-5 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 5 Average Wet World 46 - 55 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-6 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 6 Wet World 56 - 65 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-7 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 7 Wet World 66 - 75 It is a normative (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-8 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 8 Very Wet World 76 - 85 It is a standard (wet) environment.
Hydro-Code-9 Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png 9 Very Wet World 86 - 95 It is a marine (near superhydrous) environment.
Hydro-Code-A Fan-Andy-Bigwood 13-Nov-2019.png A Water World 96 - 100 It is a supermarine (superhydrous) environment.

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