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The Solomani Navy (a.k.a. Solomani Confederation Navy or SolNav) is the primary military force of the Solomani Confederation.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Solomani Navy is the amalgamated organization responsible for addressing the defense of the this region of space, by the intelligent application of appropriate force levels drawn from the member states' available fleet resources under centralized confederate control.

Image Repository[edit]

Combatant Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

  1. TBD

Non-combatant & Paramilitary Largecraft & Bigcraft[edit]

  1. TBD

Combatant & Noncombatant Smallcraft[edit]

  1. TBD

Mission (Goals)[edit]

No information yet available.

Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

Because the supply of TL–15 warships is somewhat limited, specialized TL–14 ships with high jump capacity like the (Jump 5) raider groups are used to bypass enemy formations which tend to have less strategic range. The use of drop tanks and wilderness refueling capacities are strongly emphasized to maintain a high tempo of operations to maintain pressure on enemy units and conduct strikes on their own terms. Retreat and withdrawal are valid options if conditions are less favorable. The conservation of resources over time is seen as vital to long term success. Ease of maintenance and repair is a strong design imperative. Designs should be durable and reliable. Logistic support is pushed as close to the FEBA as possible. Every form of electronic warfare and misinformation is given great emphasis as well, as an affordable force multiplier.

The unfortunate reality is there are factions within the larger Solomani organizations which handicap seamless cooperation. Loyalties are sometimes divided and individual fleet elements can be working at cross purposes. Trust between units raised in far flung areas may have ancient grudges or vendettas from internal conflicts. This means that at the largest scale of sector level fleets detailed coordination tends to break down over time, as smaller units begin to pursue their own agendas. The initial mass of force with not stay on mission for long periods without significant diplomatic pressure. Squadrons will aggressively persecute strikes with withering violence, but the "big picture" may begin to elude them. Sieges and blockades are exceptions to this trend, entrenched forces that are appropriately sized, motivated and led will happily stay on station for as long as required to crush their foes. Some squadron commanders are seen as glory hounds for their reckless personal bravery and their deep seated desire to fool, trick, frustrate and elude their opponents. The Solomani commander traits of fierce independence, creativity and innovation precludes predictable Vilani style operations.

Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

Confederation Navy Ranks
Solomani Logo.gif
Commissioned Officers
O10 » Grand Admiral
O9 » Sector Admiral
O8c » Fleet Admiral (Admiral)
O8b » Fleet Admiral (Vice Admiral)
O8a » Fleet Admiral (Rear Admiral)
O7 » Commodore
O6 » Captain
O5 » Commander
O4 » Lieutenant Commander
O3 » Lieutenant
O2 » Lieutenant, jg
O1 » Ensign
O0 » Cadet / Midshipman
Enlisted (Ratings)
E9 » Master Chief Petty Officer
E8 » Senior Chief Petty Officer
E7 » Chief Petty Officer
E6 » Petty Officer First Class
E5 » Petty Officer Second Class
E4 » Starman First Class
E3 » Able Starman
E2 » Starman
E1 » Starman Recruit

Some of the organizational ranks and grades used by this force are included in the table to the right.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

TO&E (Organization)[edit]

Squadrons are generally build around carrier task forces. Carriers are not permitted into action without at least one battleship for protection. Smaller raider task forces are specialized for deep penetration raids far beyond the enemy frontier. Destroyer flotillas are occasionally dispatched for independent duty, either commerce/convoy escort or raids on lightly defended targets. They like to strike when and where least expected.

Fleet Composition[edit]

No information yet available.

Selected Ship Classes[edit]

Some ship classes widely used within the systems and worlds of the TBD include:

  1. Alderbaran class Heavy Cruiser
  2. Armageddon class Bombardment Cruiser
  3. Auldwich class Light Destroyer
  4. Avoram class System Defense Boat
  5. Banasdan class Freighter
  6. Basilos class Pocket Cruiser
  7. Bejing class Fast Dreadnought
  8. Bengal class Carrier
  9. Cadiz class Fast Destroyer
  10. Curzon class Destroyer
  11. Defender class Light Patrol Cruiser
  12. Endeavor class Patrol Ship
  13. Fenross class Destroyer
  14. Formaine class Destroyer
  15. Gundong class System Defense Boat
  16. Gunhound class Light Battleship
  17. Hunter class Armored Scout
  18. Intrepid class Cruiser
  19. Kayatenga class Destroyer
  20. Kosigar class Pocket Carrier
  21. Kuomsi class System Defense Boat
  22. Kurrigan class Destroyer
  23. Lomba class Light Destroyer
  24. Miotos class Battleship
  25. Murrain class Battleship
  26. Pteron class Battle Cruiser
  27. Purity class Recon Frigate
  28. Purvaine class System Defense Boat
  29. Pugnacious class Battle Cruiser
  30. Razruzhenye class Assault Carrier
  31. Steffern class Assault Lander
  32. Type SA class Free Trader
  33. Valeria class Light Cruiser
  34. Velroi class Escort Destroyer
  35. Victory class Battlecruiser
  36. Warhound class Light Cruiser
  37. Xianghou class Destroyer
  38. Yamamoto class Strike Cruiser
  39. Zeus class Battlecruiser
  40. Zhukov class Troop Carrier

Selected Smallcraft Classes[edit]

  1. Smallcraft
    1. Assault Lander
    2. Assault Shuttle
    3. Bomber
      1. Light Bomber
        1. Viper class Fighter/Bomber
      2. Medium Bomber
      3. Heavy Bomber
    4. Fighter
      1. Light Fighter
        1. Aurora class Light Patrol Fighter
      2. Medium Fighter
        1. Hellion class Fighter
        2. Hornet class Medium Fighter
      3. Heavy Fighter
        1. Constellation class Heavy Fighter
        2. Olmeka class Heavy Fighter
        3. Retaliator class Heavy Fighter
    5. Gig
    6. Troop Transport

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This navy primarily operates in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

This navy is known to regularly operate within the following systems and worlds:

No world articles for Solomani Navy

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