Solomani (Alien Module)

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Self-proclaimed Champions of Human Supremacy.
Author John HarshmanMarc Miller
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 48
Year Published 1986
Canonical Yes
Available from RPGNow
Product #260
Table of Contents

Solomani (Alien Module) is a Game Designers Workshop product.


The Ancients visited Terra millennia ago and carried some of Earth's humans off to the stars. The Solomani are the ones who were left behind: they continued to evolve under perfect conditions - on the world where their ancestors were born.

When the Solomani finally invented star drive, they burst out to find most of the worlds already claimed, but they took them anyway. It was the Solomani who single handedly brought down the Vilani Imperium, established the Rule of Man, and brought on the Long Night.

This module now allows Traveller players to be Solomani characters, to play adventures in the Solomani Sphere, and to learn more about the Solomani's culture.

This Alien Module includes:

  • Solomani History and Culture: Detailed essays on the history of the Solomani from their discovery of jump drive and space travel through their takeover of the Vilani Imperium to the present day condition of the Solomani Sphere. Essays also cover the structure of Solomani government and its effects on the societies it governs.
Timelines trace the important events of Solomani and Terran history.
  • Solomani Character Generation: Special tables handle the specific details of Solomani character advancement. Solomani character types include Solomani Party members and agents of Solomani Security.
  • Advanced Character Generation: Character and skill tables for Mercenary and High Guard (you must have the Mercenary and High Guard booklets to make full use of them) allow generation of Solomani characters.
  • Sector Map: A detailed sector map of the Solomani Rim, and an associated world list of world UPPs makes adventuring through Solomani territory exciting and interesting.
  • Solomani Encounters: Patrons and random encounter lists for use in the Solomani Sphere.
  • Solomani Starships: Standard designs for Solomani military and commercial starships.
  • And an Adventure: Travel with a group of Solomani adventurers as they search for a lost colony that holds the key to life and death for thousands of people.

Table of Contents[edit]

Solomani Confederation Sector Map c.1111 IFC
Introduction 1
The Solomani 2
The Terran Confederation 4
The Rule of Man 6
The Long Night 8
The Solomani Triumvirate 13
Solomani Character Generation 14
The Solomani Rim 20
Solomani Rim Data 22
World Index 28
Special Rules Cases 30
Enhanced Solomani Characters 31
Solomani Ship Designs 42
The Lost Colony (adventure) 45
The Terran Confederation Sector Map IBC

Meta-history & Background[edit]

Solomani is the sixth Alien Module for Classic Traveller looks at the Solomani, the race of Humaniti that developed on Terra.


John Harshman and Marc Miller
Additional Design
J. Andrew Keith and Rob Toy
Cover Art
David Deitrick
William H. Keith, Jr. and Steve Venters
Art Direction
Barbie Pratt

Library Data[edit]

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