Battle of Kagukhasaggan

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(1002): Battle of Kagukhasaggan

Description (Specifications)[edit]

In the closing stages of the Solomani Rim War, an Imperial task force built around the fleet intruder Bard Endeavour was ambushed while refueling in the Kagukhasaggan system by the Solomani dreadnaught Retaliation and a large number of accompanying warships, together forming Strike Force Daring.

  • Several of the smaller Imperial escorts in the high guard position were destroyed covering the disengagement of the Imperal task force from the system's gas giant's gravity well and those ships already refuelled headed out-system at maximum G's to make a jump.
  • To cover the withdrawal, the Bard Endeavour (its tanks nearly dry) remained behind to delay the enemy and sell itself as dearly as possible.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The heroic stand of the Bard Endeavour enabled most of the task force to escape, but left the fleet intruder a glowing wreck in a decaying orbit over Kagukhasaggan 2, one of the small inner worlds of the system. Those crew still living began evacuating the doomed vessel, although many were cut off in the interior of the stricken vessel.

  • Based upon the interrogation of the evacuated crews, the Solomani felt the ship was still intact enough to attempt a highly risky in-system jump. The Solomani assembled three stike teams. One entered through the rear doors of the boat dock deck to clear the jump drive deck and repair the jump drives if possible. The second team forced their way onto the ship via the fighter recovery lock on deck 69 and crippled the four remaning fighters. The third part forced the air locks on deck 41 and cleared deck 40 above it. A handful of marines and crew resisted the first strike team and denied the Solomani from salvaging the ship. The three strike teams evacuated. Three hours later the Imperial Fleet Intruder Bard Endeavor, with 43 of her defenders still aboard, suffered catastropic reentry into the atmosphere of Kagukhasaggan 2.

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