GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire

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Rim of Fire
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The Solomani Rim Sourcebook
Author Jon F. Zeigler
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Version GURPS Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 144
Year Published 2000
Canonical Yes
Available from TBD
ISBN 1-55634-436-8 Stock #6615

GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire is a Steve Jackson Games publication.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Where Empire collide...

The Solomani Rim stands at the center of Human and Imperial history. It is home to the Solomani Confederation, an aggressive empire of Human supremacists eager to back their beliefs with force. Adventurers entering the Solomani Rim will discover some of the Imperium's oldest and most developed worlds - and some of its greatest dangers.

Rim of Fire describes more than 400 worlds and star systems ... Imperial, Solomani, Vegan, and rebellious. It also describes:

The Solomani Rim contains more history, honor, and horrors than any other part of Charted Space. Expore it today!

The Solomani Rim sector lies at the rimward edge of the Third Imperium. It is an ancient, densely populated region. For 6,000 years, the Solomani Rim has been a place of epic revolutions and wars. Today it remains a flashpoint for galactic conflict . . . The Third Imperium occupies hundreds of worlds, including Terra, the human homeworld. But much of the sector is under the control of the despotic Solomani Confederation.

Rim of Fire covers the Solomani Rim Sector in detail. Writeups for over 400 worlds are included. Some are described in great detail, providing instant adventure settings, while others are merely sketched in to allow the individual GM to customize his campaign. There is also an extensive history of the sector, including detailed descriptions of the Interstellar Wars and the rise of the Solomani Movement. And, of course, there are campaign and adventure seeds, and a trove of referee's information.

The Solomani Rim has always been a place where the actions of individual heroes could change the course of history. Today there are still many challenges for the GURPS Traveller player. . . on the Rim of Fire!

Table of Contents[edit]

GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire
Section Page/s
Introduction 4
1. The Domain of Sol 5
2. The Rim States 22
3. History 38
4. Worlds 62
5. Gathering Storms 131
Index 143

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Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

GURPS Traveller: Rim of Fire has many contradictions with previous data and parts of it have been declared non-canon for the official FFE OTU.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author John F. Zeigler
Editor Gene Seabolt
Cover Jesse DeGraff
Illustrations Tom Biondolillo, Jesse DeGraff, Glenn Grant, Zach Howard, David Lynch, Ed Northcott and Allen Nunis
Maps Jeremy Zauder

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