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Solomani Security or SolSec is a secret police force maintained in service to the Solomani Confederation for the purpose of maintaining state secrets, conducting espionage, and implementing political policies of the government.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Solomani Security maintains a network of contacts which provide information from outside the Confederation, and a network of informants which provide information within the Confederation. Solomani Security agents themselves are highly trained individuals capable of conducting espionage and sabotage.

  • Solomani Security (SolSec) is the third power in the Solomani Confederation. Its mission is "the maintenance and protection of the Solomani Cause against all enemies," and it accomplishes this mission by recruiting agents from the general Solomani population. Some of these individuals become overt agents for SolSec, while others become sleepers (going active when a threat to the Solomani Cause becomes apparent or when activated for some specific mission). SolSec agents are also recruited as monitors – to monitor political statements and views of the general population; They serve as informers responsible for reporting on the political reliability of their co-workers.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

SolSec has an especially important role in the Solomani Confederation. Because the Solomani Party automatically grants membership to all Solomani, there is the possibility that the party could be taken over by Solomani who do not believe in, or work for, the Solomani Cause. One SolSec responsibility is to keep the Party in line and working for the cause.

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