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The Solomani Party is the binding organization under which all political and government activity is conducted within the Solomani Confederation. The Party also exists on most worlds with an appreciable Solomani population within twenty parsecs of the Confederation border.

  • Please see the entry on the Solomani for more information.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Solomani Party is a xenophobic, paranoid institution bent on power. After years of oppression, basic fears of outside intrusion have been reinforced by defeat and capitulation imposed by outside powers.


Membership in the Solomani Party is automatically provided to all Solomani humans. Only Solomani humans are allowed to join the Party. Automatic membership does not mean automatic participation. A large fraction of Solomani choose not to participate in the Party, either through apathy, lack of time or energy, or a disagreement with the basic principles of the Party.


The Solomani Party is organized as a hierarchy of committees and ruling councils. There is anew level of administration at approximately each order of magnitude. Thus, ten Party members for a cell; ten cells form a committee, ten committees forma superviosory committee. There are approximately 14 levels to the Solomani Party.

  • The Solomani Confederation is ruled at the highest level by the High Council, a policy-making body which makes ultimate decisions about important matters and disseminates those decisions to lower level councils and organizations.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Internal Politics[edit]

The Solomani party is not a homogeneous organization. Opinions on policy and approaches to goals vary depending upon individual local cultures and histories.

  • As a results, the Party is divided into factions, each espousing a different approach to the resolution of vital problems. Various factions may be radical, violent, conservative, or moderate. They may be conderned with regaining lost territory, encouraging or stifling trade, recruting new members, or restricting membership. A world may have one dominate faction, or it may have several competing factions.
  • Factions are allowed to flourish within the party as long as they do not challenge the basic concepts of the Solomani Cause. (SolSec monitors all factions to make sure they don't).


These factions include:

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