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An "Institution" or (State) Institution is a group that directly serves a government (polity). All "institutions" are also "organizations", but not all "organizations" are "institutions."

  • The easiest way to distinguish an "institution" and an "organization" is to discern where the majority of the organization's funding comes from. "Institutions" derive most or all of their funds from a government (polity) source, while organizations derive most of their funds from a private or non-government source. These terms can be confusing since the general populace uses the terms interchangeably.

Related Terms[edit]

Institutions include:

  • Agencies
  • Bureaus
  • Commands
  • Departments
  • Firefighters
  • Garbage men
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Ministries
  • Military Forces (Militaries)
  • Paramilitary Forces
  • Police


The Third Imperium is a government. The Imperial Moot is an institution, as it is funded by, and as part of, a government and is not a separate government in its own right.

Many institutions apply a signifier to designate that they serve a government. In the case of the Third Imperium, this signifier is the word Imperial, as in Imperial Moot. Exceptions to this are obvious in the list below, including the various Aslan clans, the range of (Imperial) Research Stations, and institutions such as the various Ministries and the Office of the Emperor.

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