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Ground Force Command (GFC) is the land force component of the Imperial Army.

  • It has a larger rank structure than its sister branches because it is usually the largest force component.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Mission (Goals)[edit]

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Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

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Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

Imperial Army Ground Forces Command ranks
Imperial Army Logo.jpeg
Commissioned Officers
O11a » Field Marshal
O10 » General (Colonel-General)
O9 » Lieutenant General
O8 » Major General
O7 » Brigadier General
O6 » Colonel
O5 » Lieutenant Colonel
O4 » Major
O3 » Captain
O2 » First Lieutenant
O1 » Second Lieutenant
O0 » Officer Cadet
Enlisted Ranks
E9 » Sergeant Major
E8 » Master Sergeant (First Sergeant)
E7 » Leading Sergeant
E6 » Staff Sergeant
E5 » Sergeant
E4 » Lance Sergeant
E3 » Corporal
E2 » Lance Corporal
E1 » Private (Private 1st Class)
E0 » Recruit (Private Recruit)

Some of the organizational ranks and grades used by this force are included in the table to the right.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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TO&E (Organization)[edit]



This, in short, refers to the foot soldiers.

Irregular Infantry A mob or band of fighters. At lower tech levels they are usually equipped with rocks, clubs, knives and other makeshift melee weapons. Any actual weapons are either personal property or were scrounged or looted from a previous battle. At higher technology levels they are equipped with personal firearms. They are usually used as security forces or guides when deployed locally but can be made into raiders or "forlorn hope" units. Unorganized mercenary units and local militias are usually in this class.
Scout Infantry Troops trained in reconnaissance and surveillance. They are either drawn from native or local populations that live in a certain climate type or are special troops trained or acclimated to operate and survive in it. They are usually deployed in small units as scouts and snipers.
Light Infantry Highly mobile units wearing little or no armor designed as screening or reconnaissance troops. At lower tech levels they are usually armed with light missile weapons like slings or bows. At high tech levels they have smaller or lighter fire support, have larger transport assets than normal units, and are designed to bypass or outmaneuver enemy forces.
Medium Infantry The mainstay of the army, these are troops designed to operate in large formations. At lower tech levels they are usually armed with a melee weapon and a shield. At higher tech levels they are armed with firearms.
Heavy Infantry Troops who are used to spearhead an advance or break through an enemy's lines. At lower tech levels they are heavily armed and armored. At higher tech levels they have larger fire support and combat engineering assets than normal troops and are designed to defend or assault strongholds or fortifications.
Airborne Infantry: Troops parachuted out of transport aircraft.
Jump Infantry: Troops parachuted, or using grav-belts to land after being dropped from low orbit.
Airmoble Infantry: Troops carried by transport aircraft capable of Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) like helicopters and jump-jets.
Amphibious Infantry: Troops carried by transport seacraft or hovercraft.
Lift Infantry Troops that are carried in grav vehicles. 65% of all Infantry battalions in the Unified Armies are Lift Infantry.


At lower TLs (1-6), the term "cavalry" is applied to soldiers riding trained animals (for example, horses on Terra). At higher TLs, such as most of the Imperial Army, this generally refers to soldiers riding in motor vehicles, otherwise known as Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs).

Irregular Cavalry ("Hussars", "Pandours") Mount-mobile irregular troops or light cavalry that fight from horseback that are used for security, reconnaissance, and raiding. They are commonly militia or mercenary units who are usually from or near the area of operations they are stationed in.
Mounted Infantry ("Dragoons") Mount-mobile infantry with increased mobility that dismount to fight. This style of combat becomes more common as firearms technology improves.
Mounted Archers Mount-mobile archers who fire from the saddle.
Light Cavalry Cavalry on light mounts designed for speed. Troops are either unarmored or wear light armor and are equipped with sabers and/or overarm lances.
Heavy Cavalry Cavalry on large mounts designed to carry the rider and their equipment. Troops wear heavy armor and are equipped with melee weapons and braced lances.
Cavalry Scouts Reconnaissance unit.
Motorized Cavalry Unarmored or lightly-armored wheeled vehicles (cars and trucks).
Mechanized Cavalry Lightly-armored tracked vehicles.
Armor Heavily armored tracked vehicles.
Lift Cavalry / Grav Cavalry Lightly-armored grav vehicles and gunships.
Grav Armor Heavily armored grav vehicles and gunships.


This refers to heavy support weapons such as masers and plasma guns. This can also be used to refer to low-tech weapons like catapults or cannon.

Field Artillery
Forward Observation


Technical Services


Special Operations forces.

Sylean Rangers: Army units trained in reconnaissance and raiding. They are also used to train indigenous forces on Low-Tech worlds in vital military skills. They can be deployed in or out of battledress, depending on the needs of the operation or campaign.
Protected Forces (ProtFors): Army elite units trained to wear Vacc Suits and operate in exotic or toxic environments and Low-Gravity, High-Gravity, or Zero-Gravity conditions. They usually use Gauss weapons rather than energy weapons as standard arms because the projectiles can tear or rip through enemy protective clothing, rendering them vulnerable.
Rapid Interface Forces (RIF): Army commando units trained to wear Battledress. They are dropped in capsules from high atmosphere or orbit to planetside.

Force Composition[edit]

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Selected Vehicle & Ship Classes[edit]

Some vehicle & ship classes widely used within the systems and worlds of the Imperium include:

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This force primarily operates in the following areas: Charted Space

World Listing[edit]

This force is known to regularly operate within the following systems and worlds:

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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