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Lift Infantry are troops carried by gravitic vehicles.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Imperial Map Symbol for Lift Infantry[edit]

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Example Lift Infantry Brigade[edit]

3,534 troops.

Lift Infantry Battalion[edit]

Lift Infantry Company[edit]

Lift Infantry Platoon[edit]

48 troops; 4 x Astrin-class APCs.

  • Command Element: 1 Platoon Leader (either a Lieutenant (O-1 or O-2) or a breveted sergeant (E-6 or E-7)), 1 Platoon Sergeant (E-6 or E-7), 2 Scout / Snipers, 2 Medics. This Element is designed to be split into two Command Fire Teams (1 Platoon Leader or Platoon Sergeant, 1 Scout / Sniper, 1 Medic) when dismounted.
    The practice in the field is to have the Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant act as Squad Leaders and travel with their squads in separate APCs and their staff takes the slots of riflemen. This frees up the command APC for troop-carrying, decentralizes leadership, and allows better command and control of the platoon. If the platoon is operating out of a fixed base or camp the Platoon Sergeant usually remains behind with a small staff to handle the paperwork and work under the Company Sergeant; their place is usually held by another sergeant.
  • 3 x Lift Infantry Squads [9 troops each]
  • 4 x Astrin-class APC crews: Driver, Gunner, Vehicle Commander / Squad Leader (E-5).

Lift Infantry Squad[edit]

12 troops; 1 x Astrin-class APC.

  • Vehicle Command Element: Driver, Gunner, Vehicle Commander / Squad Leader (E-5). The Vehicle Commander doubles as the Squad Leader.
  • 2 x Fire Teams: 1 Light Support Weapon gunner, 3 riflemen.

Lift Infantry (Military) Equipment[edit]

Lift Troopers wear combat dress and the "teardrop"-shaped Army Helmet. They also carry a first aid kit, water and food, and an entrenching tool. Riflemen are issued knife-bayonets and gunners are issued utility knives.

Troopers carry either a Gauss Rifle (4 mm KG56A3) or a Gauss Light Support Weapon (4mm KH301 GLSW). Riflemen carry 5 magazines (one in the weapon and four in pouches on their web-gear) and gunners carry 3 drums (one in the weapon and two in carriers on their web gear); all troopers carry a spare ammo drum for the GLSW. Officers carry either a 4mm Gauss Pistol or 4mm Gauss SMG. For use against enemy vehicles or hardened cover, troopers carry RAM grenades or an anti-armor missile (60 mm MANPAT-60).

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