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A Military Unit recognised by the Imperial Army.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A unit sized between a Company and a Regiment.

A Battalion is typically commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel.

Battalions are normally the smallest Imperial Army unit capable of being independently deployed as they are the smallest unit with integral logistic capacities.

Alternative Titles[edit]

In the Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command the equivalent unit is called a Squadron.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

As the unit size one larger than a Company, and being smaller than a Regiment, this is a long-standing standard definition that has been around since pre-space days.

The Imperial Army, and other military-watchers typically use a notional Battalion as the basis for the Battalion Equivalent standard of combat effectiveness of units. This is used when determining the overall measure of military power of field armies and the Local Forces capable of being deployed by a world[1]. This is, however, a very rough-and-ready guide given that an elite TL–15 armoured battalion is so much more effective in the line of battle than a militia TL–6 infantry one.

A battalion is typically a unit of about 500 personnel.

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