Combat Armor

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Combat Armor
Type Personal Armor
Tech Level TL–11
Cost Cr20,000
Size 12 liters
Weight 60kg

Combat Armor, similar in construction to battle dress, is a complete vacc-suit-like array of metal and synthetic armor. [1] It may be pressurized for use in vacuum or conditions of extremely low air pressure. The addition of a PLSS Type C allows for 40 hours of survival in these conditions. The suit contains integral communications equipment, usually a short ranged radio for communication with others in the same unit.

Combat Armor is strictly military and not available on the open market; it is issued to troop units and elite mercenary battalions. Before combat armor can be worn, the user must have training with vacc suits or similar personal armor types. [2] But due to a thriving black-market for military supplies, the armor can be purchased on some high tech level worlds.

At TL–12 a chameleon surface becomes available for the combat armor at an additional cost of Cr1,000. It selectively bleeds heat to match background IR levels and effectively renders the wearer invisible to IR sensors. The IR camouflage is a simple, solid-state cooling system that is woven into the garment and that eliminates all infrared signature except on the exposed heat exhaust. The heat exhaust is a very pronounced IR source, but this can be dampened by inserting a chill can into the cooling system. The chill system eliminates the signature for 45 minutes to two hours; at the end of that time the can is used up and must be replaced.

Beginning at TL–12, psionic shielding is available as an option for any armor at an additional cost of Cr4,000. Psionic shielding protects the wearer from psionic mind reading and from psionic life sensing.

Combat armor is not powered and thus troops so equipped may not fire high energy weapons designed exclusively for use with battle dress such as the PGMP-13 and FGMP-14. [3]

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